12 Weeks To Better Golf! GUARANTEED – TPI Trainer, NYC


Raising your arms overhead in the overhead position. We’ve been doing it since we were kids. The feeling of satisfaction, of overcoming struggle and adversity, of VICTORY. Wouldn’t you like to have that feeling again? Well, you can, in just 12 weeks.


Golf season is here.  Are you happy with your swing’s consistency? Are you satisfied with your driving distance? Does your back or elbow ache after a weekend of golf?

If you answered no to the first or second question and yes to the third, I can help! I’ve helped scores of amateur golfers, just like you, improve how they move and that leads to Longer Drives, Lower Scores and Fewer Injuries.

Are you tired of being wowed and confused by all those sexy Instagram golf videos? Looking for a more customized approach with a live coach and real feedback? Well, I have just the thing!

I have just created a 12-weeks to better golf SUMMER SPECIAL.

Sign up for my new 12 Weeks to Better Golf Program and you can start feeling better, moving better, and playing golf better today (well, maybe tomorrow).

We’ll start with your one-on-one TPI golf fitness assessment and I’ll design a personalized golf fitness program that matches your results, your needs, and your goals.


  • Flexible training schedule. (24-hour cancellation policy for all appointments)

  • Minimal equipment to accomplish big changes.

  • Opportunity to continue your training after the program is over at a reduced rate after your initial program.

  • Support directly from me via email (responses to your questions within 24 hours).




  • Step 1: Set up your initial intake phone call where we will discuss your needs and goals. Schedule your online TPI Screening Appt. (up to 45-minute call)

  • Step 2: Set up your TPI app. Perform your online screen. Email you your results. (1 hourSchedule 15 min review of findings call.

  • Step 3: Review the call-action plan. (15-minute call)

  • Step 4: schedule 8, weekly 30-minute live 1-1 video sessions to coach your exercises/programs you have access to on your TPI app.

  • Step 5: Receive up to 4 custom designed-to-follow along programs you can work on for 2-week time periods.

  • Step 6: Set up your final 60-minute live re-screen and review appt.

  • Total Time: 7 hours.
  • Summer Special Price: $595
  • This is remote coaching only. 


As a golf performance specialist, my job is to evaluate how a golfer’s body moves in relation to a mechanically correct golf swing and how the golf swing affects the body. Then design an exercise program to help them eliminate the physical restrictions that prevent them from playing their best golf…..

“My personal mission is to help the amateur golfer reduce the risk and rate of golf-related injuries and improve your golf performance while keeping you healthy. Healthy golfers play more golf. Good for them, and good for the game.

That leads to Longer Drives, Lower Scores, and Fewer Injuries!

Let’s get those arms back up overhead. I only have time in my schedule to accommodate 3 dedicated golfers, so don’t delay, call today (operators are standing by)…. email: info@nygolffitnessguru.com and let’s get you started.

“I started working out with Brett about a 1 year ago in the fall. In just the evaluation, Brett noticed my poor “golf posture” and said that was something we would work on. I then went on a golf trip tath fall and focused on my posture and had a great trip and played really well. I worked with Brett throughout the winter and spring and then played the most consistent and best golf of my life, culminating with winning my club championship that fall. His workouts fixed sequencing issues in my swing that lessons didn’t.” _ David Shaw