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Would you like to play golf better? You’re a golfer. Of course, you would! Whether you happen to be a seasoned professional or a competitive amateur, who doesn’t want to improve their game.

But golf is hard! 

“Golf-an easy game that’s hard to play. And it’s even harder when your own body gets in the way.”_Brett The Golf Guy

The fact is the average amateur golfer isn’t physically capable of performing the required body movements that are involved in a mechanically correct golf swing.

That’s where I come in. As a golf fitness expert, I help golfers assess and overcome the physical restrictions that prevent them from playing their best golf. And that leads to Longer Drives, Lower Scores, and Fewer Injuries!


“Like so many others, I took regular golf lessons but resisted the notion that I was out of shape. I have been working with Brett for 3 years and I now understand what I believe to be true for virtually every golfer over 50, namely that we are physically unable to produce the swing that our pros are teaching us.”_Mark C. NYC
What Qualifies Me To Work With Golfers?
My journey into golf fitness began in 2001 when I began to study for the C.H.E.K Institutes Golf Biomechanics Course. I studied the book, exercises anatomy tapes, etc. for a year. Then in the spring of 2002, I went to the C.H.E.K Institute headquarters in San Diego, CA, and began a week-long intensive with Paul Chek himself. This culminated with a 2-hour written and 2-hour practical exam. Sounds hard? It was! The practical exam left some students in tears because they failed. But this was just the beginning of what would become a long, long journey into golf fitness. 


In June of 2010, I went to the Perform Better Fitness Summit in Providence, RI. There I met Dr. Greg Rose, one of the founders of the Titleist Performance Institute. After his presentation I was completely convinced that in order to have a better understanding of the golf swing, how to assess how golfers move in relation to the golf swing, and how to overcome the physical restrictions that prevent them from playing their best golf – I needed to get TPI Certified! Boy, am I glad I did? The education I have and continue to receive from the staff at TPI is invaluable to my career and the success of my clients. 

Shortly after passing my level 1 exam in September 2010, I began a year-and-a-half stint and the prestigious golf-centric gym in SoHo, NYC-Drive 495, working alongside owner Don Saladino.


Since leaving Drive I have taken the level 1 course an additional 3 times, going to the TPI World Golf Fitness Summit in New Orleans in October of 2016, and completed my level 2 coursework. I am excited to announce that in October of this year, I will be joining my level 1 and level 2 instructors for the level 3 course at TPI headquarters in Oceanside, CA.

Why do I love working with golfers?
Golfers are a different bread. Successful and motivated men and women who have a passion for the game, for tradition, and a dedication to improving themselves physically, so they have the full capacity to Play Golf Better!
All the golfers I have worked with over the last 15 years put in the time and effort that is required to improve how they move so they can improve how they play and keep themselves fit and healthy, not just for golf, but for life.  

“I am a high handicap golfer in my early 60s who needed someone to help me learn to perform the requisite physical movements required to hit the golf ball further (and still stay on the fairway). I have had a number of trainers and golf instructors over the years; Brett is by far the best in helping me achieve my potential.”_Al, NYC

Listen, you can take all the golf lessons in the world and spend endless hours practicing. But all of that money and time that you invest is not going to help you get into a position to swing the golf club properly, play with consistency, and avoid serious injury.

If you want to banish, once and for all, those feelings of utter frustration that occur that make you want to break your club in half over your knee I can help.

There is a better way to excel at the game you love and, at the same time, make your body the best friend you will ever have on a golf course. So if your body doesn’t work the way it needs to – to play golf the way you want to – come to see the guru. NY’s Golf Fitness Guru.

It’s Time To Improve Your Game

I’m just a phone call or email away.

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  New York Golf Fitness Guru

“Feel the difference in your body. See the difference in your swing.”