Regardless of whether you’re a ranked PGA professional or a 50+ amateur golfer from NYC, we all share something in common right now.

We are stuck at home with no end in sight. 

In a recent episode of the Coach Glass podcastJason Glass (my TPI coach) and strength coach to PGA players, Adam HadwinAndrew Putnam, and Mike Weir – mentions that he is training his players from home using FaceTime during the COVID-19 lock-down.

To listen to the episode click the link above. The reference to his athletes is about 40 minutes in if you want to fast-forward. 

Does On-Line Training Work? 

Here’s what Tom has said: 

“Brett is a great golf fitness coach and has made a positive impact on my game. Through improved flexibility, core strength, and proper sequencing, my golf game has made quantum leaps. Most importantly, during this time of Shelter-in-Place having Brett available for coaching via FaceTime is invaluable. __Thomas Hurlbrink

Thank you Tom and thank you to all of the other golfers who have continued their training with me online. I am grateful for your continued support and to be able to serve you during this trying time.

We’ve all had to make changes and adjustments to our lives over the last month. It would seem that this new normal will likely be with us another month or more before we are able to meet in person (and who knows what that will look like).

How Does On-Line Training Work? 

With private online training, I’ll design a personal training program for you according to your needs and the equipment you have available.

No equipment? No problem! All of us can benefit from improved flexibility, mobility, stability, and balance. These are the physical prerequisites to strength and power and for the most part, do not require the use of equipment. Just the knowledge of how to program them to get the most benefits.

 How To Get Started With On-Line Training?

 The only thing you’ll need is an iPhone or iPad.

Please schedule your one-on-one training appointment by sending me an email:  

 If you are interested let’s set up a time to talk about getting you back up on your path to fitness. 

I aim to bring you the best possible experience I can and help you thrive, not just survive this challenging time period.

As I say on the homepage of this website, my main objective is to keep golfers healthy.

 One of the keys to staying healthy and getting results is staying consistent with your training program. 

It’s not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” _ Charles Darwin, 1809-1882 – Naturalist-Biologist-Geologist

We don’t know when the tour will come back or when you guys will be able to go out and play golf again. But when you can play again what kind of person and what kind of player do you want to be?