Bomb It Past Your Buddies! TPI Trainer, NYC

Imagine what it would feel like to drive the ball 20, 30, or even 40 yards past your buddies. They may ask you what driver you are using, or if you’ve been taking a lot of lessons. And while properly fitting equipment and instruction are key elements to good golf, even more, important is how […]

5 Ways To Prevent Back Pain While Golfing – TPI Trainer, NYC

If you love to golf, but your back hurts when you swing a club, know that you are not alone. The movements needed to effectively swing a golf club can put pressure on the low back. Studies show that low back pain is the most common ailment among golfers of all ages. Low back pain […]

Doing This Will Add 20 Yards To Your Drive! TPI Trainer, NYC

​​Did you ever meet a golfer who wouldn’t want to hit the ball farther if they could? If you’re struggling with consistency and complaining about a loss of power not being able to do this move is likely the culprit. So what is this magic move?  It’s called a pelvic tilt. The simplest way to […]

Golf Addicts Wanted! TPI Trainer, NYC

Yes, the 2021 Golf Season Is Just 6 Months Away! Yes, you read that correctly. The 2020 season is over for those of you who live in the Northeast or the Midwest. How will next season be different for you? Will it be different at all? Do you have a plan to make it different? […]

Play on Par with the Pros – TPI Trainer, NYC

Whenever I tell someone that I’m a Golf Fitness Instructor I am almost always asked: “Oh, you must be a good golfer?” or “Do you golf a lot?”  I think they ask those questions because they think I do what a golf pro does. I do not teach people how to golf, I help them move better, […]

3 Exercises To Improve Your Golf Posture – TPI Trainer, NYC

Playing golf is hard! Especially when your own body gets in the way. If your body doesn’t move the way it needs to – to play golf the way you want to – you’ve come to the right place. Here at NY Golf Fitness Guru we specialize in helping golfers move better,  feel better, and […]

Calgon, Take Me Away! – TPI Trainer, NYC

If you’ve been around as long as I have you probably remember that television commercial catchphrase, “Calgon, Take Me Away.” The catchphrase is so effective and engrained in pop-culture language that it’s instantly associated with escaping of stress, rest, and relaxation. Calgon is simply a water softener powder. In the YouTube clip below, the woman […]

Happy Muscles = Happy Golfer! TPI Trainer, NYC

​​​ In 2007 I was first introduced to a tool now known to me as a Tiger’s Tail. The name given to the black and orange massage stick resembles the same.  I purchased the device from a Perform Better representative at a fitness conference and quite honestly, didn’t really know what it was for. But […]

Find Ways to Fit In Your Fitness-TPI Trainer, NYC

Get to work, go to meetings, do the shopping, pick up the kids, and make dinner — your schedule is packed. You’re supposed to add exercise in there somewhere, as it’s a crucial part of self-care, but it just doesn’t always seem possible. That’s not the case if you know how to integrate workouts into […]