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What Is A Golfer’s Most Important Piece Of Equipment? 

If you said the driver, the putter, the balls they use…. you’d be wrong!

"When it comes to improving your golf game, I think the first stop for every amateur golfer should ALWAYS be their own body. "_Brett Cohen

But for most amateurs it’s not!

Far too often – amateur golfers think that if they just get the latest equipment (whether that be a new driver on the market, a gadget that measures club head speed, Golf Apps, GPS etc.) somehow it will dramatically improve their golf game – and of course it doesn’t!

    (It’s I call shiny object syndrome).

While technology certainly has a place in golf and can give a golfer great feedback and good equipment certainly plays a role in improving the performance of any athlete – often times the average amateur can’t get the most of all this technology because their body just doesn’t work the way it needs toto play the sport the way they want to!

"Give Wayne Gretzky a broom stick and he’s still gonna score a goal on you."

At the end of the day, it’s the body that plays the game – not the equipment.

This was the topic of conversation on my guest appearance on the blog radio show: Golf Talk Live with Ted J. Odorico. 

click here to listen:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/golftalklive/2017/05/25/gtl–coaches-corner-special-guests–john-dunigan-chuck-evans-tom-stickney

This show featured golf coaches:

How To OUTDRIVE Your Buddies Without Buying A New Driver!

The equipment manufactures are in the business of selling equipment. Each time a new driver comes it they’ll tell you how it will magically make your ball go farther and straighter and you don’t have to change a think about your swing. JUST BUY THIS NEW CLUB

Here’s a simple analogy. Ever see those TV ads for a supplement that will magically make belly fat disappear and you don’t have to change your slovenly poor eating and lifestyle habits? Do you think they really work? Of course not! If they did 60% of the population wouldn’t be overweight or obese! 

It’s not your fault, my friend. It’s not your fault.

I once got a marketing email promoting a new driver that would somehow magically cure all your swing fault and driving distance problems: It read like this…

"The chronic slice… not your fault. The low pull into the weeds… not your fault. The puny drives that leave impossible approaches… Not. Your. Fault. Granted, your swing isn’t what we’d call textbook.Your clubhead speed maxes out south of 100 MPH. And your contact tends to be, shall we say, less than consistent."

Well of course it’s your fault. You’re in control of the club. The flight and destination of the ball is dependent upon: 
• clubface alignment
• swing path
• angle of attack at impact
• clubhead speed
• and sweet spot
(which are all dependent of whether or not the golfers possess the physical pre-requisites to get into position and maintain that position throughout the swing.)

So Where Do You Start? 

Getting a physical screen to learn how their body moves in relation to what is required and desired of a mechanically correct golf swing. The Screen will quickly identify any physical limitations that may be causing a golfer’s swing inefficiencies and I’m able to offer them simple solutions to get them you on track again. The level 1 screen looks at flexibility, mobility and stability as it relates to the golf swing.

The Body/Swing Connection
The fundamental philosophy of what we do at TPI is based on how the body works and how the golf swing works and how they interplay with each other. 

Here’s what some of my colleagues said about the relationship between golf and fitness:

  • "Your fitness will set the ceiling for your success." "Your golf swing will get only so good, but at the end of the day the fitness is what is really going to keep you from getting as good as you could be." _Brandon Stocksbury
  • "If someone comes to me and they are overweight, they’re going to have a hard time enjoying the game and getting through life in general. "Being Fit for Golf isn’t just going to help your play golf better but help you enjoy life better."_ Jon Decker
  • "You need to maintain the same hip flex, tilt and spine angle your putting and chipping as you do in the full swing, so therefore you need to be in good enough shape that your’re able to maintain and hold these positions in motion."  _Clint Wright
  • "The short game has a lot to do with the smaller muscles in your hands and arms, but if you the larger pieces of your body cooperating then you can’t focus on your hands and arms. What I mean by that is if you are so out of shape that you can’t move and rotate and bend just a little bit without losing your balance then you’re gonna be thinking more about staying on your feet then you are how soft your hands and arms are moving." "In putting, if you’re bending over and the simple act of getting into the right posture is painful, there’s no doubt you can stand there and force yourself to get into the correct posture, but if you’re worried and thinking and pushing so hard on that then how much are you really worried about the flow of the club, speed control and acceleration profiles of the putter head? you’re not – at all."_Brandon Stocksbury
  • "Golf is an athletic game and you’re using your body to generate clubhead speed. You’re not using your hands and your arms, you’re using your body. So you need to be in shape to some degree if you expect to play good golf."_ Jon Decker
  • "There’s a minimal amount of fitness that has to be involved so you can stop worrying about that piece so you can put your thought and mind on what you need to be worrying about, specifically in short game." _Brandon Stocksbury

As Brandon said in the show, the information in the screen allows the golf pro to work around your physical inefficiences so you don’t hurt yourself playing golf trying to do something with your body your body simply isn’t able to do. 

Brett’s Bottom Line: 

So ~ no matter how technologically advanced your equipment is, it cannot endow the golfer with the physical abilities he or she does not possess

Even the best clubs in the world don’t play the game for you!

Let me help your get Fit For Golf: To schedule your Golf Fitness Assessment Call: (917) 596-8485 or email: info@nygolffitnessguru.com 


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