BodiTrak – It’s On The Way! Golf Fitness, NYC

Golfers, I have some exciting news. I received word earlier this week that my BodiTrak Vector has been shipped and is on the way! 
What Is BodiTrak and What Does It Do? 
The BodiTrak mat is a portable, wireless, force pressure mat that gives us information on how an athlete is using the ground. This information can be used to assess and correct movement that is both exercise and golf swing related. 
Every move we make is reflected in how we use the ground.  
For example: Research strongly indicates that to maximize club head speed we want as much vertical force under the lead foot when the shaft is vertical on the downswing. 
We can use the BodiTrak mat in the gym to help to encourage this action. Click the link below to watch Dave Phillips (TPI co-founder demonstrate this using BodiTrak and a medicine ball).
How Can BodiTrak Improve Your Golf Swing?
"The feet are a great proprioceptive cues for players and students. From a biofeedback standpoint, one of the things that’s really powerful about this is that the student can actually see what they are doing. There’s a visual representation of how hard they are pushing with the lead or the trail foot, the trail toe, or the lead toe. Now all of a sudden you can actually use that to help them control what’s going on with the club. So it’s kind of taking it from the other end up. Because people are walking around all day long – their proprioception is so good in their feet."__Mark Blackburn (PGA Tour Coach, Founder of the Blackburn Golf Academy, Lead Golf Instructor for TPI, BodiTrak educator

In the video clip below, Mark, along with Piers Ward and Andy Proudman of Me and My Golf, demonstrate at the 2016 PGA show how you can use the BodiTrak mat to change the path of the club by changing the pressure applied into the ground. Check it out! 

Andy Proudman/Pier Ward 

(yes, I know I’m small, but these guys are really tall!) 

 Meet My New Coach

Golfers, I have to be honest. It may seem simple to use by looking at the video above, but the concepts and how to apply them are quite complicated. The BodyTrak Ground Mechanics certification course was the most difficult course I’ve taken since getting into the golf fitness industry. So to get most out of my BodiTrakand to help my golfers Play Golf Better I am hiring BodiTrak Sport Performance Ambassador and founder of BioMek Golf – Daisy-May Kenny to tutor me on how to use and read the data beginning in early 2019. 

2019 is going to be a great season!
Here’s to:

Longer Drives, Lower Scores, Fewer Injures



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