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Are you a golfer who’d like to play golf better? What a silly question. What golfer wouldn’t want to play golfer better!. 

The best and fastest way to play golf better is to become a better athlete. Better athletes have the potential to become better golfers. At the end of the day it’s your body that swings the club. If you’re body is not physically capable of performing the required body movements that are involved in a mechanically correct golf swing there’s a lot of things that could go wrong with your swing. 

There’s a saying: "Golf is an easy game that’s just hard to play!" and it’s even harder when your own body gets in the way!

Most of you reading this don’t have the physical abilities necessary to peform a repeatable and powerful golf swing. The only way to know what your body can and cannot do in relation to that which is required and desired of a mechanically correct golf swing is to have a golf fitness assessment.

"If I could give just one piece of advice to golfers of all levels, it’s to be physically assessed by a competent professional. A well-trained professional can identify key areas of weakness or imbalance and develop a highly effective exercise or rehabilitation program. It’s no guarantee that you’ll remain injury free, as the golf swing puts incredible forces on the body, but it puts the odds in your favor."Dr. Greg Rose, Titleist Performance Institute

Once we can see what your body can and cannot do and how that effects your swing (Known As The Body/Swing Connection). I build and exercise program to help you overcome the physical restrictions that are preventing you from playing your best golf. And that leads to Longer Drives, Lower Scores and Fewer Injuries.

Here’s What Other Golfers Are Saying About Their Results


"I am a high handicap golfer in my early 60’s who needed someone to help me learn to perform the requisite physical movements required to hit the golf ball further (and still stay on the fairway). I have had a number of trainers and golf instructors over the years; Brett, is by far the best in helping me achieve my potential."_Al, New York, NY


"My longest drive used to be 240 yards with an average of 225. I’m averaging 245 now and have hit several 270 yarders and one 280! Gonna be a fun season." Thanks Brett!-Ken D., NYC

"I reached out to Brett because I felt like I needed more flexibility and core strength, which I thought would be good both for golf and for general fitness purposes. Working with him has been well worth the time and investment. I’m much more flexible in both my lower and upper body, my rotational strength has definitely improved and maybe most importantly, I have a much better understanding of how the body is supposed to work during the golf swing. Brett is a true expert in his field, and he is adept at tailoring his sessions to focus on the areas where you need the most work. Based on the exercises I learned and the warm-up routine he showed me, I believe the benefits of this experience will be long-lasting."_Brian, C., NYC

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If you’d like to take your game to the next level then it’s time to improve the most important piece of equipment you own. Your body. The benefits of training will not only improve your golf game, but carry over to all other aspects of your life as well. The Fit For Golf program contains all the strategies, tools and coaching you’ll need to Play Golf Better!

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