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 Are You Able To Transfer Energy Properly? 

In the above image you can see that in the downswing, the transfer of force goes from the lower body into the torso or trunk, then the arms and finally the shaftThis is the desired Kinematic Sequence, or in other words, how the body transfers force to the ball.

How Can We See Your Kinematic Sequence? 

One method to see if you are using your body efficiently is by using data collected from 3D motion analysis systems using a tool such as the K-Vest. Using a device such as the K-Vest we can look at how golfers generate speed and transfer the speed or energy throughout their bodies.

We have found the most efficient sequence of how they get this speed to the club head. We call this the "Kinematic Sequence". The amazing thing is that all great ball strikers have a remarkably similar kinematic sequence of generating speed and transferring speed throughout their bodies. That means if you compare Ernie Els’ kinematic sequence to Jim Furyk’s kinematic sequence, it’s hard to show a difference. They may have different styles but they use their body using the same sequence. In the image below you can see four lines each of a different color, representing different parts of the body. 

  1. The red line should accelerate towards the downswing first (that’s the pelvis)
  2. The second segment would be the thorax or torso.
  3. The third segment to move is the lead arm. 
  4. And finally that energy is transfered into the shaft and into the ball

Another Method Of Measuring Movement Efficiency Is With Movement Screens

"In the golf fitness evaluation, we learn what your body can and cannot do in relation to what is required of a mechanically correct golf swing. Then I put together an exercise program to improve movement efficiency so that you have physical potential to play golf better!" -Brett The Golf Guy

TPI Level 1 Screen:

  • The level 1 screen was developed for golf professionals to identify any physical limitations that might be effecting their golf swing. The level 1 screen looks at flexibility, mobility and stability as it relates to the golf swing. The screen seen in the photo above, known as the Overhead Deep Squat Screen, can reveal much about what a golfer is likely to do in the downswing portion of the golf swing. 

    The OHDS is one of the most informative tests you can perform on a golfer. If a golfer is unable to perform a full deep squat with their heels on the ground, it’s almost impossible to maintain posture during the downswing. We usually see these golfers thrust their lower bodies towards the golf ball and raise their torsos up during the downswing (known as early extension). This is usually due to tightness in their calf muscles, lat muscles and/or lack of pelvic stability, weakness in the core, or the inability to separate movements of the lower body from the upper body. (Those who fail the Overhead Deep Squat have a 90% chance of Early Extending their hips.)

    If your hips are coming forward and up too early they take over the space where you arms are supposed to go, so therefore you cannot be hitting the ball using the correct Kinematic Sequence and will likey be using mostly your toros and arms to hit the ball. This is not only a huge power loss, as the lower body is your main power source in golf, but it also makes you a good candidate for elbow and shoulder injuries. 

    Brett’s Bottom Line:  

    Swing style doesn’t matter. What matters is that it’s efficient. Is it reproducible? And is it powerful? If it’s consistent and powerful it’s efficient. To have an efficient golf swing it needs to follow the Kinematic Sequence.  We want to transfer energy from the ground into the lower body, then the trunk, shoulder girdle, arm and into the ball.

    To do that your body needs to have a mobility at the joints where mobility is required and stability at the adjacent segments. That is the fitness foundation that good movement is derived from. Once we re-establish this pattern, you will have the functional capacity that any athlete needs to do more of thing they need to do. Now we can add strength and power and PLAY GOLF BETTER! 

    To schedule your TPI Golf Fitness Assessment Call: (917) 596-8485 or email:

    "Feel The Difference In Your Body, See The Difference In Your Swing"



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