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If You Want To Have Your Best Round Of Golf Do This BEFORE You Play!

Listen, if you want to have your best round of golf you need to have a systematic approach to warming up the body before you start swinging the club. Pulling your golf bag from the trunk and walking to the first tee is NOT a warm-up! Not only is it inefficient, but a potentially dangerous way to get ready to golf.

Taking your clubs out of the trunk does not qualify as a warm-up!

Why We Should Warm-up?

You’ve been sitting in the car on the way to the course and you’ve been sitting at your desk all week long. You’re likely as stiff as the tin-man. 

Go to any professional athletic contest and you will see those athletes warming up. A proper warm-up is something every great athlete does. Not just by practicing the skill of the sport but by getting their body and nervous system as prepared as possible before the game or contest begins.

I think most amateur golfers understand that they should do some kind of warm-up before beginning to play, but they simply don’t know where to being, so they skip it altogether. this is a mistake!

Studies have shown that warming up and stretching improves physical performance and helps to prevent injuries. An effective warm-up increases your body temperature, removes movement restrictions, and uses movements that closely resemble the main activity to activate the nervous system.

A proper golf warm-up will:

  • Address soft tissue quality, like a massage does.
  • Elevate body/core temperature and increase blood flow.
  • Improve mobility of joints used in the golf swing. 
  • Improve muscle length and extensibility.
  • Take your body through multiple planes of motion to enhance overall movement capabilities.
  • Charge up and excite the nervous system to prepare the body for the demands of the activity to follow.

Brett’s Bottom Line:

The pre-play warm-up routine is extremely important. Don’t skip it!

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