Golfers: Eat This During Your Round


Hey golfers.. so I know you’re already starting your day off by drinking at least 8 ounces of water right after you wake up… RIGHT? If not, we need to establish a new moring habit. When you wake up after a nights sleep you’ve been deprived of water and food for 8 – 12 hours. So the first thing you need to do is drink that glass of water and then prepare your breakfast.

Breakfast :  Having a balanced breakfast can even help control blood sugar levels after lunch. It’s what’s know as the second meal phenomenon or the second meal effect. So what studies have shown is that if you eat breakfast vs. not eating breakfast, your blood sugar control is much better after lunch, no matter what you eat for lunch. So it’s really critical that you eat a proper breakfast in the morning so that your blood sugar levels are better even later in the day.

Pre-Round Nutrition: Pre-round nutrition is very important for your performance on the course to give you that long lasting energy and focus. And that comes back to breakfast! Breakfast is the key. Whether you have tee-time at 8:00 a.m or at noon, remember-breakfast will have a great effect on either tee-times

Maintaining stable blood sugar levels is key to your golf performance and overall health. So whether or not you have tee time in the morning or the afternoon it’s important to start your day with a complete breakfast.

Examples: Whole eggs, bacon, smoked salmon, avocado, cheese, sausage, vegetables… or other meats.. Again the higher the fat content the more level your blood sugars will be and the longer you will be satiated. When you take in proteins you are typically taking in fats along with it.

Don’ts For Breakfast: Cereals (highly processed carbs with heat, pressure, high in sugar and causes a roller coaster effect of raising the blood sugar and then having a crash). And skim milk (is water with sugar).. they took the fat out! 

During Round Nutrition
Now that you’ve started your day with a good quality breakfast the key is to maintain your blood sugar throughout the round. My recommendation is to have something to eat about every 3 – 4 holes. So the question is always-well what do you eat? The things to consider here are: what foods are available to you? Do you need to pack something or does the club offer high quality choices? And will you be able to digest it comfortably? Do’s: nuts/seeds, jerkies, trail mix,peanut butter, sliced veggies, hummus. These foods will help keeps blood sugars stable throughtout the day. Don’ts: soda, sports drinks, alcohol, hot dogs and chips, anything with a high salf content.

If You Don’t Want To Pack A Snack Eat What Jordan Eats!

A popular snack with the players on the tour (including Jordan Spieth) is Julie’s Real. Julie and I have met and did a Facebook live broadcast when she launched her products at all the Fairway markets in NYC.

Julie’s Real uses only 100% all natural, good-for-you ingredients to create exceptionally tasting almond butters, cashwer butters and grain-free granolas. All of her products are hand-crafted in small batches and are sweetened with real vanilla beans and a touch of real honey. Her products are Paleo and Gluten Free.

Her products are available at Whole Foods Markets and Fairway that I know of. You can also purchase directly from my affiliates page or just click her to order. Click Here: 

Julie’s Real: "They’re Real, They’re Good, They’re Real Good!"

Brett’s Bottom Line:

Blood sugar control is key to your overall health as well as your performance on the golf course. It all starts with your blood sugar. Ultimately controlling your blood sugar will control your hormones, your mood and your strength levels. So it’s really critical that we get this down because it will help you perform better on the course, at work and in the gym. So the first foundational principal for blood sugar control is to start your day with breakfast! You’ve got to eat breakfast first thing in the morning to stabilize your blood sugar levels.

If there’s anything you need more help with just drop me a line I’d love to help!

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