I Have A Dream_Golf Gym, NYC

"I have a dream" is of course from the famous and powerful speech given by civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. in which he called for civil and economic rights and an end to racism in the United States.

And to piggy back off of that line – I also have a dream.

The Dream 
My dream is that one day you will realize your athletic potential and no longer put limitations on your athletic ability or your game! 
I’m sure all of you would like to have the physical attributes your favorite professional has. 
But we can’t get the results without the process.
If you want to perform better out on the course you have to move better in the gym. 

Only exercise can change physical attributes (flexibility, mobility, strength, speed, and power). Smart exercise can help you make the most of what you have. And it’s my mission and responsibility to help you fulfill your genetic potential. 

Change The Way You Move, Change The Way You Play..
It’s not a tagline, it’s a mission. I believe
everybody deserves to feel better, move more freely
and play golf to their genetic potential.

It’s a long steady progression- it’s not something that happens overnight. But it does happen, if you stick with the plan and the process. 

The Plan

Over the next 4 months you will go through a progressive resistance conditioning program that focuses on creating a deeper core connection as well as utilizing multi-planar patterns and variations in resistance that will condition the big muscles used to load and explode in the golf swing. 
We will also be using technology and tools that will help you reprogram your rotational sequencing, resulting in a fluid, repeatable and more powerful golf swing.
It’s Time To Awaken The Athlete Within
"My longest drive used to be 240 yards with an average of 225. Now I’m averaging 245 now and have hit several 270 yarders and one 280! Gonna be a fun season." Thanks Brett!__Ken D. 

Longer Drives

Lower Scores
  Fewer Injuries 


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