I’m Leaving Town-Golf Fitness, NYC

Don’t worry.. I’m coming back! 
My travel in 2018 was all about continuing my TPI ((Titleist Performance Institute) education with 2 trips re-attending the Level 1 workshop at the World Golf Fitness Summit last October in Orlando.
In 2019 I am traveling to Florida again.
Trip 1: Wednesday October 23rd – 25th. 
(last session ends 11:30 a.m.) 
I will be spending 2 days with J.B. Glossinger
business and human performance coach, host of Morning Coach and BIG TIME golfer. (he just moved to a golf course). 
Trip 2: Wednesday, November 6th through Monday, November 11th. 
I will be spending a full 5 days with personal performance giant Tony Robbins at his Unleash The Power Withinworkshop in Miami. 

If you have any questions regarding your training schedule we will go over that in person. 

To your success, Brett


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