It’s Every Golfers Dream! Golf Fitness, NYC


It’s every golfers dream. To step up to the tee, …. and watch the ball sail across the green and land directly in the cup..

Can you imagine how you would feel if you did this? Pretty Awesome.. right!!

Holes in one are rare, and, although skill and fitness definitely increases the probability, there is still a great deal/element of luck involved.

Well, call it luck if you want to, but in .. In just the last 2 seasons I’ve had two golfers in my Fit For Golf fitness program hit a Hole in One.

My man Gary P. did it in April, first day out in his new home course in Westchester, Spring 2015.

and Ken D. just scored his very first career hole in one in August, 2016. 

Here’s what Ken had to say about the experience.

"I was about to hit a 9 iron on hole #12 at Manhattan Woods, but my caddy told me that the way I was hitting the ball that day, all I need was a Pitching Wedge. I had been feeling a lot stronger and faster over the past several months, thanks to my work with Brett, so I took his advice, stepped up to the tee and pured that Pitching Wedge right into the hole."

"There’s no question that the conditioning program Brett has put me on helped me achieve this bucket list goal of hitting a hole-in-one. A few months earlier I would have been draggin’ myself up to the tee box by the time I got to the 12th hole. But now, I stride up, feeling as strong on the back few holes as I do on the first few."

Hey Golfers, if you have a friend who would like a shot at having this awesome experience then it’s time to put fitness into your golf bag. and joining the Hole in One Club then tell him about my Fit For Golf fitness program.

I only have a few prime time slots available and I’ll be starting a 3 month golf fitness intensive to begin 6/15/2017 and going through 9/15/2017.

There’s still  time to be primed for the 2017 golf season.

If you know someone who would like help with their golf game, I can help! But again, I am only looking for golfers who are SERIOUS ABOUT TAKING ACTION!

This program requires 2 sessions/week for 3 months and I GUARANTEE it will change your body and your swing.

To schedule your FREE strategy session just give me a call: (917) 596-8485 or send an email to: 

There is absolutely no obligation to go over their golf goals, but don’t delay. I’ll will only be able to take on 3 new golfers until fall and that’s it!

To Longer Drives, Lower Scores And Fewer Injuries. GUARANTEED.. 



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