Perfect Golf Swing Slow Motion Training Drills and Tips: Golf Fitness, NYC


To hit the golf ball correctly with maximum compression and clubhead speed, a golfer must come into impact on the correct inside swing path. To swing consistently into the ball on the right path, the golf swing must be easy to repeat. This means the backswing and downswing must be on a similar plane, eradicating any need for complicated adjustments during the downswing transition.

The more accurately a golfer can groove a good takeaway, a good wrist hinge into plane and effective top of the backswing position, the easier it becomes to swing down on the right line. Practicing the golf swing in slow motion gives a golfer the best chance of building a swing they can trust to hit crisp iron shots and straight powerful drives.


​​Perfect Golf Swing Slow Motion Takeaway Drill

* Take a golf club, take up a normal stance and then pull the club through the hands until the butt of the shaft touches the tummy.

* The takeaway should be in one piece with the club, hands, arms and shoulders turning together.

* Practice swinging away from an imaginary ball in slow motion keeping the club shaft connected to the tummy which will ensure everything moves away in one piece.

* The club should not travel back more than three feet away from the ball and should be swept slightly round and ‘inside’ as the shoulders turn.

Train the Hands to Rotate onto Backswing Plane

Once the club has moved away three feet or so from the ball the hands must start to hinge the club onto the correct backswing plane.

To locate the correct backswing plane when the one piece takeaway is complete, the wrists should hinge or ‘cock’ the club up so the butt of the shaft points roughly towards the ball. The face of the golf club should be vertical with the toe pointing towards the sky.

This move must be carried out keeping the left arm straight.

This position is commonly known as the half way back position. The more accurate a golfer locates this position, the easier it becomes to find the most effective position at the top of the back swing

As a golfer swings to the top in slow motion, they should keep the butt of the club pointing to an imaginary line drawn from the target, through the ball, into the distance.

As the arms move the club to the top, the shoulders should complete a turn through 90 degrees.

There should be a feeling of separation between the arms, which are now travelling on a more upright plane, and the shoulders, which are turning on a more shallow angle.

At the top of the backswing the club should point directly at the target and be horizontal to the ground.

Training the Downswing in Slow Motion

The more accurate a golfer locates the top of the backswing, the simpler the downswing becomes.

The key to a good downswing transition is to keep the arms swinging down in the same plane as they travelled on during the completion of the backswing.

The legs, hips and shoulders should react to the arms swinging down – the feeling should be of the butt of the club pointing at the ball during the first few inches of the downswing.

Although a golfer wants to hit the ball a good distance, instinctively moving fast from the top, if the first few inches of the downswing are made slowly and accurately, the better the ball will be struck.

The Correct Impact Position Release

As the club comes into impact on the correct inside swing path, the hands must release the club at the ball, so the face is square to the target. The slower this is practiced the easier it is to rotate the club into the correct position at speed. Practice the move of squaring up the club in slow motion, and even hit a few balls in slow motion with a full swing, to rehearse the impact position accurately.

The maximum clubhead speed comes from being able to strike the ball squarely. If a golfer only practices their swing at full speed, there is little chance of perfecting the basic fundamentals. Similar to a pianist practicing a piece of music, or a formula one driver easing themselves round the track in practice, take the speed out of the golf swing and it will start to operate much more efficiently​​.

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