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Golf: An Easy Game That’s Hard to Play! 

To set the record straight, golf is far more than a game. It is also a sport. Athletics is just movement. Therefore anyone that moves is an athlete. 

According to Merrium-Webster Dictionary: Definition of athletics for English Language Learners

  • sports, games, and exercises that require strength and skill : athletic activities

    Golf has traditionally been thought of as a game. A gentlemen’s game at that. And all you needed to be good at golf was: 

  • Good clubs
  • Good instruction
  • Good practice
  • Good luck….

"Unfortunately, this common misperception too often leads to injury or premature performance plateus." __Paul Chek, Author of the Golf Biomchanic’s Manual

The reality is that the amount of force it takes to hit a golf ball is equivalent to httiing a slap shot in hockey, hitting a baseball, a serve in tennis, or a boxer’s punch.

What do all these sports have in common? 

They are all rotational sports that require the athlete to transfer force from the ground up. This is what’s known as the kinematic sequence. It is the progressive transfer of energy from the lower body, into the torso, shoulder, arms, club and finally the ball. 

"Hitting the golf ball using the proper Kinematic Sequence is one of the 3 Keys To Creating Power and Consistency and it’s something most amateur golfers struggle with!"_Brett The Golf Guy
In short, it requires adequate mobility in the hips and thoracic spine (which is lacking in the average amateur).. The average amateur golfer spends most of the day in a chair and has been for decades! Then they want to get up and rotate, explosively and repetitively, from Friday through Sunday, from May through November (without training).. 
That’s just not going to work out so well!

If you’re an amateur golfer, the first place you should look to improve your game is your own body. Golf, requires a certain amount of athleticism. To Play Golf Well You need:

  • flexibility
  • mobility
  • stability
  • strength
  • power
  • balance
  • postural strength endurance

You can’t buy those in the pro shop!

You can only get those qualities from training in the gym and it’s going to take hard work! Any and every great athlete puts in a lot of work… 

The fact is most golfers’ bodies don’t work they way they need to to play golf the way they want to.

If you want to take your game to the next level I can help. Call to schedule your free strategy session and start achieving Longer Drives, Lower Scores and Fewer Injuries!

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