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The Reverse Wall Squat 

  • You complain of being too "armsy".
  • Players will often complain of being stuck or trapped with their arms on the downswing.
  • You come over-the-top or cast.
  • Your clubface stays open too long.
  • You hit a block to the right, a hook, or a block-slice.
  • You’ve lost power and distance off the tee. 
What’s the Overhead Deep Squat Got to Do With It? 
If you can’t do this (or get close)
You will likely do this.. 
95% of those reading this have this problem! 

Early Extension is one of the biggest issues amateur golfers struggle with and it happens when the hips move forward (go into extension) or (straighten up) too early in the downswing transition.


This is best seen using a down-the-line view as the pelvis moves closer to the ball on the downswing. 

Early Extension causes the upper body to lift up allowing the golfer to maintain their balance. The lower body does not easily rotate through impact, instead, it pushes forward and the person stands up.
  • If you stand up too early in the golf swing than what happens is it kills your rotation, your lower body gets in the way of where your arms are trying to go. This is because the lower body has moved into the space where the arms need to go and as a result you usually have to release the angles in your wrists early which will reduce clubhead speed and result in a loss of distance off the tee
How to do it: 
STEP 1: 
Stand approximately 1 foot from a wall. For most of you, it will be helpful to elevate your heels about 1″ by folding up a yoga mat or bath towel. This allows your ankles to move more easily and get into a deeper squat position. 
Place your arms on the wall pointing to the 10 and 2 o’clock positions. *Be sure to keep your elbows straight during the movement. This will stretch out the pecs and lats as you descend deeper into the squat.


Think of pulling your hips back and away from the wall as you press your knees slightly outwards. 

 STEP 4: 
Over the course of the reps, you are trying to get lower and lower, until your hips are just below the level of your knees. 
*You do not want to sink so low that your back rounds. 

 *The more mobile you become over time the closer to the wall you will be able to get to start the movement.  

Try starting with 5 reps per set. 2 sets per day.  
Brett’s Bottom Line: 

Being able to perform the Overhead Deep Squat is paramount to develop a proper kinematic sequence of motion during transition and the downswing. Without the ability to initiate the downswing with the lower body, a player can easily dominate the downswing with an upper body, forcing the over-the-top swing plane.

If you want to have speedaccuracy, and consistency in the golf swing you need to create space.
Space between the hips and the hands.
SPACE and acronym for Speed, Power, Accuracy, Consistency, Efficiency.

Longer Drives, Lower Scores, Fewer Injuries

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