This will be my 7th time! New York Golf

In August of 2010, I took a little trip to Chicago to take my first TPI level 1 live workshop. The following month I passed my on-line exam and started a job at
Drive495beginning my journey into the world of golf fitness. 
Since that time I have gone on to complete the level 2 and level 3 fitness tracks and during that same time period revisiting my level 1 curriculum in person an additional 5 times. 
Why? Why would I repeat the same information over and over again? 
To be the best informed and highest qualified golf performance coach you can find. 
Level 1 is all about the body-swing connection and how to perform and interpret the physical screen, as well as some of the basic fitness strategies you need to improve how you move. 
Now that the world has moved on-line, I will be repeating level 1 once again. This Thursday, May 14th I  will join my TPI coaches on Zoom and lock into another day of powerful information.
Coming in June: TPI Golf Level 2
Yes,  to further my understanding of golf I am moving into the golf track. In golf level twowill be learning. 
Designed for golf instructors TPI’s Golf 2 class builds on the Body-Swing Connection™ taught in Level 1 by linking the Body-Swing Connection™ to the actual flight of the golf ball.
 Using the power of TPI’s research on over 1,000 Tour professionals, students learn insights into what the best golfers in the world do and how it can help them become a better golf coach. This course is designed for serious golf instructors who desire to be at the forefront of how golf is taught at the highest levels.
Longer Drives, Lower Scores, Fewer Injuries 


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