This Will Help You Beat Your Buddies! Golf Personal Trainer, NYC

Golf is Back

In the past several weeks, many of the largest and most popular golf resorts in the country have either reopened or will by early June.

I have clients in Florida and right here in New York that have been playing golf for weeks now. 

And after being under quarantine due to COVID-19 for the past 2 months your body may not be so ready to just rip it down the fairway. 

Beat Your Buddies

If you want to beat your buddies then you have to do things they aren’t doing. And I can tell you from years of experience, most amateur golfers DO NOT WARM-UP before they play!

Why We Should Warm-up?

Go to any professional athletic event and you will see those athletes warming up. A proper warm-up is something every great athlete does. Not just by practicing the skill of the sport but by getting their body and nervous system as prepared as possible before the game or contest begins.

I think most amateur golfers understand that they should do some kind of warm-up before beginning to play, but they simply don’t know where to being, so they skip it altogether. This is a HUGE mistake!

Studies have shown that warming up and stretching improves physical performance and helps to prevent injuries. An effective warm-up increases your body temperature, removes movement restrictions, and uses movements that closely resemble the main activity to activate the nervous system.

When it comes to playing golf, the last thing you want to do is use hitting golf balls as a way of warming up.

This is the skills part of the warmup and that comes last!

That’s’ why I put together this joint-by-joint warmup that will have your body ready to conquer the course and beat your buddies.

 The pdf version of this warmup is available on the homepage of this site. For some reason, the link to the YouTube version no longer works so I am putting it in for you for easy access. 

Brett’s Bottom Line: 

Before you hit a ball you have to make sure your joints and the nervous system are firing on all cylinders. The  pre-play warm-up routine is extremely important. Don’t skip it!

If you have ANY questions, please go ahead and respond back to this blog, and I will personally respond and make sure every question is answered!

 Have a safe and happy 2020 season!

Brett The Golf Guy

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