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Do you remember the 1994  Seinfeld episode when George pretends to be a marine biologist and wades his way into the ocean to save a suffocating whale? It culminates with George, Jerry, Elaine, and of course Kramer sitting at their booth in the diner as George recalls the tail of how he saved the great fish (mammal)…LOL, by removing the obstruction from the blow hole of the whale. As George comes to the end of the story and pauses as he pulls out a golf ball from his jacket pocket. In what would become one of the funniest pauses and punch lines in televistion history, Kramer, who earlier had been teeing off into the ocean sheepishly asks, "What, is that a Titleist?" No matter how many times I watch this clip it still makes me laugh.. Check it out here on Youtube.

Why A Titleist? 

Well, Titleist is the Word’s Number #1 selling golf ball and is the Number #1 golf ball on the PGA tour. Titleist is synonymous with golf.

History Of Golf Fitness? 

Not that long ago it was deemed that in order to be a good golfer you only needed three things:

  1. Good Instruction – Learing all aspects of the game: short game, basic fundamentals, specialty shots, etc.
  2. A Good Mental Game – Knowing how to deal with mental stress placed on great players.
  3. Good Equipment – Making sure the golfer is fit properly and has the appropriate set make up.                                                            

But in 1996 Tiger Woods changed the Triangle of Instruction by adding fitness to his golf bag. Today we don’t have a triangle but a six prong approach to good golf.

  1. Basic Instruction
  2. Advanced Instruction
  3. Course Management
  4. Mental/Emotional Component
  5. Equipment
  6. And Now-Physical Conditioning (the better the athlete, the better the golfer)

"The reason I play at such a high level, and hopefully will continue to play a high level for next 10, 15 years is because of the work I do in the gym." _Rory McIlroy


Today you’d be hard pressed to find a PGA or LPGA player who is not spending time in the gym as well as the course! In order for elite players to compete at the highest level, they need to prepare and maintain their bodies for competition. Because of that, today’s player’s are more powerful, more athletic and better equipped at an earlier age to perform at the highest levels while older players are extending their careers at incredibly high performance levels.

But Golf Fitness Isn’t Just For Professionals!

In fact, the average amateur needs golf fitness as much, if not more, than the professionals and here’s why:

"The average amateur golfers is not physically capable of performaing the required body movements that are involved in a mechanically correct golf swing." _Brett The Golf Guy

"Until you can get into a position, until you can move the joints the way they need to move, it will be very difficult to enhance your power and hit the ball with consistency. If we look at most people that struggle with golf it’s because they lack mobility." _Mike Boyle, World Famous Strength & Conditioning Coach

So What’s Golf Fitness Anyway? 

Simply, it’s having the physical abilities to get into position to perform a repeatable and powerful swing while reducing your risk of injury. 

"Golf fitness is not beach fitness…it’s not about looking good. Ultimately it’s about becoming better on the golf course. Getting in ‘golf shape’ requires a program with a distinct defiition of success. Measure movement quality, not your waistline."_Jason Glass, Titleist Performance Institute Faculty 

Paradign Shift

The game has reached a point where its participants do not need convincing that better fitness, biomechanics and health will improve their chances of playing their best. Today’s golfers need to be convinced that their instructors are up to date with the latest information on the sport.

Golfers want to trust their coach, instructor or practitioner. TPI Certification gives golfers that trust!

  • 15 of the last 18 Major Championships Were Won By Players Advised By A TPI Certified Expert
  • 25 of the top 35 Players In The World Are Advised By A TPI Certified Expert
  • 52 of the last 63 PGA Tour Events Were Won By Players Advised By A TPI Certified Expert 

I am proud to say that I have been certified by the Titleist Performance Institue as a Golf Fitness Professional since 2010. Click here to check out my TPI profile.  http://www.mytpi.com/experts/info@nygolffitnessguru.com

If you are taking lessons from a golf pro (and you should be) they can ONLY teach you based on your body’s capabilities or lack there of. If you can’t get into a good position to swing the club, you must learn a compensation pattern.

"A Golf Pro is basically telling you that we think this is the best way to express our physiology to move the ball. But if you physically can’t do it you’re going to spend thousands of hours working with a pro who has become a master at addressing your movement compensations…If you show up with the full capacity to move the way a golf pro wants you to you can  use their expertise to become a better golfer because you possess the movement foundation to do so. That’s the central difference between a golf pro and a golf fitness professional." __Kelly Starrett, author of The Supple Leopard

Brett’s Bottom Line:

Golf fitness isn’t about looking like a bodybuilder. It’s about being fit to play the game at your highest level and doing so without causing injury. It’s about understanding how your body’s limitations can influence the golf swing and how to address those limitations through the proper channels; whether it’s through swing instruction, physical rehabilitation or strength and conditioning exercise.

"The fact is most golfers’ bodies don’t work they way they need to -to play golf the way they want to."_Brett The Golf Guy

If you don’t work out and you’re playing golf, you should be. Don’t wait until you’re hurt to get your body working the way it should be.. If you’re gonna play golf and you’re gonna get new clubs and you’re gonna take a lesson…. you should be stretching and working out.   

Whether you are 45 or 85, I train you with the best techniques I can. The same principles used with todays’ tour players. And it works! Here’s the proof..

"At age 78 I wanted to reach my fitness limits so I could bring back my game to where is was 10 years ago. After 3 months of training I have already begun to ‘shoot’ my age. I shot a 75, 77 and 78 twice! This has been my goal going back 2 years." _Hank C., NYC 

If you’re reading this you want to Play Golf Better! I can help you do just that. Together we will turn your body into an assess, not a handicap. 

Give me a call to schedule your FREE Strategy Session. (917) 596-8485

To Longer Drives, Lower Scores And Fewer Injuries….#Brettthegolfguy



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