Winter is Here, But Spring is Near! Golf Fitness, NYC

As I sit down to write this (January 12, 2020), we had a high temperature of 66 degrees in New York City. But despite that spring like temperature I  assure you it’s still winter, at least until March 19th. That’s almost enough time to get you in golf shape for the 2020 season. 

Yes, spring is near and it’s time to start thinking about getting in golf shape for the 2020 season.

What Does It Mean To Be In Golf Shape?

Simply this: Having the physical ability to produce a consistent shot with minimal risk of injury

Now if you are like the vast majority of my current clients (a male over age 50) your golf swing is probably not going to look like the pros. And sadly that’s what most teaching professionals will compare you to. They want you to get your body is the same positon as (fill in the blank pro).. Sorry, not gonna happen.

The fact is the average amateur golfer is not physically capable of performing the requried body movement that are involved in getting into the postion to produce a mechanically correct golf swing. 

And the reason for that is they lack adequate flexiblity and mobility to rotate from where they need to rotate from.

Mainly the hips and thoracic spine. 

So to be fit for golf we need to pursue performance, not appearance. It’s irrelevant how big your muscles are if you can’t get into a position to use them correctly. Suffice it to say most of you can be out driven by an average female college golfer. They are not bigger or stronger than you are but they likely move better than you do. They have the physical abiltiy to get into postition to deliver a powerful and consistent golf swing, with minimal risk of injury

Where Do We Start? 

If you want your 2020 season to be better than your 2019 season then we have to find out what’s working and what’s not working. That means taking a written and oral history of your past and/or current injuries and what part of the game you are struggling with the most. Then we move onto the physical screen. The golf fitness assessment identifies what your body can and cannot do and how that effects your golf swing (this is called the Body-Swing connection).

The main purpose of a fitness screen is to indentify and potential risk factors for specific injuries common to golf and the most common injury complaint amongst golfers is low back pain. In fact it’s reported that 70% of golfers world wide have complained of back pain at some point in time and it’s the number one reason golfers leave the game. 

But You Already Workout….

I know you are struggling with flexibility and core strength. All of my clients are. If you are training on your own I compliment you on your efforts but I ask you this – 

  • Have you been getting the resutls you want?
  • Is what you are doing in the gym or at home changing your game in any signfiicant way?
  • Are you still struggling with distance or experiencing pain somewhere in your body?

If you are don’t be hard on yourself... it’s because of the following:

1. The average amateur golfer does not have the knowledge of how of how to put together a complete training program. 

2. The average amateur golfer does not know how to create a workable plan of action that integrates all the components that are necessary for their success.

3. The average amateur golfer needs someone else to be accountable to to keep them on track and moving forward.

If you want your body to be able to do the things you want it to do when you hit the links this spring you are going to need a plan.

 I Can Help

As a golf performance specialist I have been helping golfers just like you improve how they move since 2002! My mission is to keep golfers healthy and having fun. If you’re in pain – you’re not playing the game you love. My goal is to enhance your bodies ability to deliver maximal force into the golf ball by reprogramming your sequence and conditioning the muscles that drive a powerful and consistent swing. 

Today, almost every PGA and LPGA player uses a golf fitness professional to help them improve performance and reduce the risk of playing related injuries. So should you! If you want more distance – more golf and more fun then you need to call (917) 596-8485 and get started as soon as possible.

 Brett’s Bottom Line: 

"If your body doesn’t work the way it need to – to play golf the way you want to – come see the guru. I can help you play golf better!" 

 NY Golf Fitness Guru

"Feel The Difference In Your Body, See The Difference In Your Swing"  

Here is what some of my clients are saying:

"I have had the great experience working with the NY Golf Fitness Guru for over a year.
This commitment to his workout programs and training, his in depth expertise of golf fitness, his vast knowledge in physiology, biomechanics , nutrition and ever expanding certifications has lowered my handicap in half , prevented injuries and has facilitated competing and winning my club championship and two other medal play events."
__Dr. Howard Zaiff 

 "Brett made a huge difference in my golf this year. I’m 68, 9 Hcp. More mobility, flexibility and distance. Can’t wait to continue."__Dr. Allen Fishman



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