Bomb It Past Your Buddies! TPI Trainer, NYC


Imagine what it would feel like to drive the ball 20, 30, or even 40 yards past your buddies. They may ask you what driver you are using, or if you’ve been taking a lot of lessons. And while properly fitting equipment and instruction are key elements to good golf, even more, important is how well the person who swings the club moves. 

“Hey Brett, I just wanted to let you know that I had my best round every today. I played a match in a season-long tournament and the guy I was playing also had a good round for him. I shot a 70 – 1 under par. Not bad for a guy who you were surprised could barely walk. This was the first time I’ve been under par (for 9 or 18). Also came in a distant second in the member-member. One of the guys was asking if I’ve been taking lessons and I said, not really, but my golf fitness guy had me doing exercises that fixed my sequencing, and that made a huge difference.”__David S. NYC 

More than anything else I love to hear about my clients’ successes. It’s why I work so hard on my craft. I want my clients to Play Golf Better!

The testimonial above came from a golfer who worked with me for just six months before he wrote this testimonial. He followed the plan and did the work. 
Last summer I received this testimonial from Tom. 

“Just a note of gratitude for the work you’ve done with me. From all indications, it’s spot on. When I hit the ball now it has lots of force from the lower body.”_Tom H. 

His friend Barry was so impressed by his friends’ power that he emailed me this later that same day!

“Hey Brett, my name is Barry and I just saw my friend Tom destroy some balls. I need a golf fitness trainer. Call me”!__Barry L., NYC 

But wait… there’s more to this story. This July 20th Tom sent me this.

“Hi, Brett. Thanks to all your training and fitness, I was able to win one of our club’s majors. This one is for you too. Thanks, coach.”__Tom H., NYC 

There are many more success stories just like that but you get the point.

Brett’s Bottom Line: 
If you want Longer Drives, Lower Scores & Fewer Injuries this season… well then ‘send me an email – RIGHT NOW
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You’re not getting any better sitting there just thinking about it. You need to take action.
All you need to say is: “I want to Play Golf Better” and I’ll know exactly what you mean. 
As of the writing of this article (8/16/20) gyms in NYC continue to remain closed and will remain that way for an indefinite time period. But don’t let that stop you. Training is done online through live Facetime calls and I guarantee you the same results as if we were meeting in a gym. Try the first one on me, for FREE

“Brett is a great golf fitness coach and has made a positive impact on my game. Through improved flexibility, core strength, and proper sequences, my golf game has made quantum leaps.  Most importantly, during this time of Shelter-in-Place, having Brett available for coaching via FaceTime is invaluable”.  __ Tom H.