Meet My New Coach: TPI Trainer, NYC

Meet My New Coach  Many of you have heard me speak of Jason Glass.  Jason has been one of the lead fitness instructors for the Titleist Performance Institute since 2010 and he and I met at the Level 1 Workshop in Philly in 2015. Jason was also one of my instructors for Fitness Level 3 at TPI Headquarters […]

The Fastest Way To Get Better At Golf – TPI Trainer, NYC

Every golfer wants to play better golf! The desire to lower one’s handicap is present from the tour professional down to the recreational golfer. For most golfers getting better means getting new clubs, taking a lesson, and playing more golf. And while those are all necessary components to getting better at golf and seem like […]

Maximize Your Playing Potential! Golf Trainer, NYC

Do you frequently experience a pull or a slice? Do you often feel “stuck’ or “trapped” on your downswing?  Do you ever experience back, elbow, shoulder, or neck pain after playing a round of golf? I know this can be very frustrating!  So why is this happening? Well, it could be you need some instruction […]

The Core – What Is It Good For? Golf Fitness, NYC

The Core_What is It Good For?  Whenever I get an inquiry from a golfer that wants to start training they tell me the same two things:  1) I need more flexibility 2) I need more core strength And they’re always right! But what is the core and what is it good for? What role does it have […]

Golfers Welcome: By Appointment Only! – Golf Fitness, NYC

Would you like to play golf better? You’re a golfer. Of course, you would! Whether you happen to be a seasoned professional or a competitive amateur, who doesn’t want to improve their game. But golf is hard!  “Golf-an easy game that’s hard to play. And it’s even harder when your own body gets in the […]

I Only Train Golfers! – Golf Trainer, NYC

If you are reading this article you likely play golf and are looking to play golf better! You have taken it upon yourself to do some research to find a qualified personal trainer to help you reach your golf and fitness goals. That was a smart move. Going to one of the big box gyms like Crunch, […]

My Cup Is Empty – Golf Gym, NYC

  If you ever studied a martial art like I have then you are likely familiar with this story: “Empty your cup” is an old Chinese (Zen) saying that occasionally pops up in Western popular entertainment. “Empty your cup” often is attributed to a famous conversation between the scholar Tokusan and Zen Master Ryutan. In more recent times, we hear […]

The 2018 World Golf Fitness Summit – Golf Trainer, NYC

It’s hard to believe it’s nearly here. The 2018 World Golf Fitness Summit! On Thursday, October 11th I will be flying out to Orlando to meet up with my TPI family at my second WGFS. It’s already been two years since I attended my first in New Orleans. What Is The World Golf Fitness Summit The […]

I Made The Top 10 Fitness Blogs – TPI Trainer, NYC

Blogging. I just do it. Curating information I think is pertinent and valuable to my clients and the golfers out there who just want to play golf better is something I’ve been doing for more than four years. My website has a lot of articles on it. This past week  I was informed by Anuj Agarwal, founder of Feedspot, that my website:  NY Golf Fitness […]