Find Ways to Fit In Your Fitness-TPI Trainer, NYC

Get to work, go to meetings, do the shopping, pick up the kids, and make dinner — your schedule is packed. You’re supposed to add exercise in there somewhere, as it’s a crucial part of self-care, but it just doesn’t always seem possible. That’s not the case if you know how to integrate workouts into […]


This is General Maximus Decimus Meridius, played by Russell Crowe in the 2000 blockbuster film, Gladiator. This is your Gluteus Maximus, which starts in your daily life and serves to; take you from sitting to standing, bending to erect, walking, running, climbing stairs, hitting a long drive, and on and on. Without a strong and […]

More Than 50% Of Golfers Do This. Are you one of them? Golf Trainer, NYC

Do you sway or slide in your golf swing?  The swing characteristic known as swaying is defined as any kind of lateral motion away from the target in the backswing. The swing characteristic known as a slide is defined as any kind of excessive motion toward the target in the downswing. Although some great players […]

This Will Help You Play More Golf – Part 3: Golf Trainer, NYC

In  Part 1 f this blog series, I spoke of the need to have Recovery & Regeneration strategies in place if want to play your best golf this summer.  Strategy #1 was a passive form of regeneration. Sleep. Getting enough hours and during the right time frame (10 pm to 6 am) is key to […]

Put Some Sting In Your Swing This Spring! Golf Gym, NYC

Winter is here. Spring is coming. And along with spring comes golf season. But most of you will be woefully unprepared to start to swing by spring. ​​  Golfers, I ask you….Where has your golf body been all winter? Likely in hibernation along with your golf clubs. Unlike professional golfers that don’t really have an off-season….. amateur […]

The #1 Reason Golfers Leave The Game – TPI Trainer, NYC

Back Pain Can Be Crippling! So much so it can stop a Tiger in his tracks! Experts estimate that as much as 80% of the U.S. population will experience a back problem at some time in their lives.                                    […]

Are You Strong Enough To Play In The PGA – Golf Gym, NYC

Let’s be honest…. You’re not going to play in the PGA anytime soon! And that’s OK. When you undertake a golf fitness training program it’s about helping YOU Play Golf Better__the only competition you have is YOU! Playing Golf Better starts by improving how your body moves in relation to what is desired of a […]

Is Walking Enough? Golf Fitness Trainer, NYC

Just yesterday morning I stopped at an Upper East Side Diner for breakfast. Sitting at the booth in front of me were two men of a certain age, friends. They just sat down to order and were reflecting on their morning experience prior to arriving. One man proudly said to his friend, “I’ve already been […]

Where Does Your Power Come From? – Golf Trainer, NYC

Have you ever heard a golfer say they want shorter drives? Of course not! Power gives you the ability to hit the golf ball far! Every golfer wants more power. No golfer doesn’t. So what is Power and how do you get it?  To me, power is the summation of speed and strength. HOWEVER, strength […]

Longer Drives, Lower Scores, Fewer Injuries! Golf Fitness Trainer, NY

​​​​WARNING! Don’t read this article unless you want to Play Golf Better!  I see you’re still here…. Good! Let’s continue. If you do want to Play Golf Better you’ve come to the right place. Who Are You? Well if you are like the rest of the golfers I work with you are male, between the ages of […]