Three Keys To Maintaining Posture In The Golf Swing – Golf Trainer, NYC

Every golfer has heard how important good posture is in order to have a good golf swing. But just what is good posture and if you have it, how do you maintain it throughout the swing?  Flat Shoulder Plane (a form of loss of dynamic posture occurring in the backswing)  Proper Shoulder Plane in the Backswing […]

Where Does Your Power Come From? – Golf Trainer, NYC

Have you ever heard a golfer say they want shorter drives? Of course not! Power gives you the ability to hit the golf ball far! Every golfer wants more power. No golfer doesn’t. So what is Power and how do you get it?  To me, power is the summation of speed and strength. HOWEVER, strength […]

The 2018 World Golf Fitness Summit – Golf Trainer, NYC

It’s hard to believe it’s nearly here. The 2018 World Golf Fitness Summit! On Thursday, October 11th I will be flying out to Orlando to meet up with my TPI family at my second WGFS. It’s already been two years since I attended my first in New Orleans. What Is The World Golf Fitness Summit The […]

Longer Drives, Lower Scores, Fewer Injuries! Golf Fitness Trainer, NY

​​​​WARNING! Don’t read this article unless you want to Play Golf Better!  I see you’re still here…. Good! Let’s continue. If you do want to Play Golf Better you’ve come to the right place. Who Are You? Well if you are like the rest of the golfers I work with you are male, between the ages of […]

Would You Like To Become Your Club Champion? TPI Trainer, NYC

If you’re an amateur golfer, what’s better than winning your club championship? Aaaaaa NOTHING! And that’s just what my client of 2 years, Dr. Howard Zaiff just did. Howard started his golf fitness journey in March of 2018. His goal was to become club champion at his home club Manhattan Woods, in Westchester, NY. When he […]

The Biggest Mistake You’re Making In The Gym: Part 1 – Golf Gym, NYC

Let’s suppose for a moment that you are one of those golfers (like Jordan Spieth above)  that understands the relationship between fitness and your ability to play golf to the best of your ability. Let’s just say…. So if you are going to the gym you want to optimize the time you spend there and […]

The Fastest Way To Get Better At Golf-Golf Trainer, NYC

  Every golfer wants to play better golf! The desire to lower one’s handicap is present from the tour professional down to the recreational golfer. For most golfers getting better means getting new clubs, taking a lesson, and playing more golf. And while those are all necessary components to getting better at golf and seem […]

The Secret To A Powerful Golf Swing – Golf Fitness Trainer, NYC

Have you ever wondered what allows the pros hit the ball so far? Of course, you have. I have never met a golfer that wouldn’t like more yardage. Longer drives give you the potential for lower scores and isn’t that what golf is all about? Vertical Thrust Is A Must The ability to create large […]

Get Your Game On Track with BodiTrak-Golf Gym, NYC

  What Is BodiTrak? BodiTrak is a leading-edge sports technology company, focused on the interaction between an athlete and the ground. Their sensor technologies provide real-time data – a window into that ground interaction between the athlete and the ground – and their team of advisors works to make that information insightful. By utilizing technology […]

Is Your Gym Routine Doing You Any Good? – Golf Fitness, NYC

You practice at the range, you take the occasional golf lesson and you even go to the gym. You are doing everything you can do to Play Golf Better! I congratulate you on your commitment to becoming a better golfer. But is the time that you are spending in the gym helping or hurting your […]