It’s important to note that the digestive system and immune system are closely intertwined; the lining of the intestines creates antibodies that help protect the body, according to John Hopkins Medicine. That’s why, if you’re concerned about boosting your immune system and staying healthy, one of the FIRST things you should do is take a closer look at your gut health.

If your gut is unhealthy, your immune system will be compromised. And during the COVID-19 Pandemic, the last thing we want to have is a compromised immune system! 

There has never been a more important time than now to make sure your gut is as healthy as it can possibly be.

What Can You Do NOW?

1) Focus on food qualityEat organic whenever possible. Generally, when we think of food we think of it as a source of calories or energy. The macro-nutrients (carbs, protein, fats) are the building blocks for the body machine. It’s that simple. Right? But actually, food is primarily a form of genetically essential information. So one of the aspects of that is that each food has a microbiome. If the food is organic or biodynamically grown, it’s full of beneficial microorganisms.

2) Consume a probiotic such as Kombucha.

Simply put, kombucha is a fermented drink. Kombucha is made by adding bacteria and yeast and sugar to a mixture of black or green tea.  Juice, spices, fruit, or other flavorings are often added to enhance the taste of the beverage.

History shows people have been making and consuming kombucha for thousands of years and the drink has become increasingly popular as a potential source of probiotics, which are live organisms that help balance the intestinal flora, according to a December 2015 review in the Journal of Chemistry“It’s easy to drink and digest, and it allows you to replenish your gut with good bacteria and restore your digestive health,” says Dr. Zenhausern.

Potential Benefits:

Numerous health benefits have been attributed to drinking kombucha including the following: 

  • may aid constipation  
  • might improve irritable bowel syndrome (inflammatory bowel)
  • may help boost metabolism 
  • may help reduce inflammation 
  • may aid in depression
  • may aid in cardiovascular health 
  • may play a role in preventing cancer
  • may promote liver health 
  • may play a role in lowering blood sugar 
  • may help maintain a healthy weight
  • and improve the health of your immune system


Brett’s Bottom Line:

Put simply, when your gut isn’t healthy and happy, the rest of you isn’t healthy and happy.  Understanding how the gut and abdominal brain (enteric nervous system) works is a tremendously complicated process. 

Admittedly I am not an expert on this topic and I’m not here to explain it. ​If you’d like to learn more listen to this 30-minute edition of Impact Theory. It is a special edited edition of the Health Theory podcast and is a  compilation of some of the world’s top experts on gut health. Want more information? Simply go back and listen to each of the individual interviews. There’s a lot to digest (pun intended). Stay in, stay safe, stay healthy. Brett 

Dom D’Agostino

“If you want to take care of your immune system, and thus your life, head to the gut.” __Tom Bilyeu