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What Is BodiTrak?

BodiTrak is a leading-edge sports technology company, focused on the interaction between an athlete and the ground. Their sensor technologies provide real-time data – a window into that ground interaction between the athlete and the ground – and their team of advisors works to make that information insightful.

By utilizing technology like BodiTrak, we’re able to identify movement that the naked eye cannot. Data offers more opportunities to evaluate techniques and provide biofeedback for improvement.

BodiTrak for Golf

BodiTrak products give teachers, coaches, and golfers the tools to visualize and better understand the golf swing, make improvements faster, and track success.

The mat measures your interaction with the ground and everything you do with the club will be reflected in the ground and therefore, in the mat. So when the golfer can understand how they are interacting with the ground, then that information can be used to help the golfer improve their club delivery by using that feedback.

Take a look at this video of PGA ProfessionalsPiers Ward and Andy Proudman of Me and My Golf, along with my instructor from the Titleist Performance Institute, and BodiTrak instructor and tour coach, Mark Blackburn, use the BodiTrak technology to help Piers get more pressure into the trail leg in the backswing transition and then transfer that pressure into the led leg during the downswing transition in order to maximize compression with the golf ball. 

“Whatever we do with the golf club is reflected in the ground.”_Mark Blackburn

BodiTrak for Performance Assessment

In this video, TPI instructor Lance Gill explains how he uses BodiTrak to perform the Overhead Deep Squat. A very informative test that is part of the Level 1 screening process, and how the results on the test can show us if that athlete is loading laterally or if are they able to keep their center of pressure well balanced during the squat.

Lance Gill describes how to enhance the overhead deep squat physical screen by looking at an athlete’s interaction with the ground.

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BodiTrak for Performance Training

The BodiTrak force & pressure measurement systems are used by sports medicine and sports performance professionals like myself, around the world, to assess movement patterns, communicate trends, and validate care methods.

Below, BodiTrak instructor Daisy-May Kenny demonstrates a medicine ball overhead slam using the BodiTrak 
BodiTrak To Quantify Progress

Because BodiTrak quantifies vertical force, evaluating force can be a useful way to gauge progress month-by-month or even assess the effect of fatigue at the end of a workout.  It also can be a useful tool for encouraging maximum output in a workout. Since athletes see an objective measure of how hard they are trying in a push-upthey can’t slack. After all, intent is one of the most under-appreciated elements of an effective training session.

 Brett’s Bottom Line:


BODITRAK provides valuable insight into how an athlete interacts with the ground. No matter how many of the above exercises you have seen, and done, you are simply unable to determine their true ground mechanics without a pressure and force mat. BODITRAK assists and enhances assessments, training, and rehab, highlighting important information (such as an uneven pressure trace or force production) that will allow you to improve your game at a more efficient and effective rate.

  • More information –> enhanced coaching
  • Enhanced coaching –> quicker athletic improvement.
  • Athletic improvement –> playing golf better FASTER.

                                                                              “Adding Distance To Drives And Years To Lives”