Today, March 21st is the first day of Spring, and Spring typically signals the unofficial beginning of the 2020 golf season here in the Northeast part of the country. But unlike any time in history the World is on pause due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

By executive order we’ve all been told to stay home and away from others by our local and federal governments and with good reason. Know one knows how this virus will manifest, and how long it will take to see the cases flatline and eventaully get back to some sense of normalcy. 

As much as we’d all like to be back in the gym and out on the course we’re stuck at home – alone. 

So rather than focusing on what we can’t do right now, let’s focus on what we can do – so that when we do get a chance to play golf again we are in the best possible positon to play golf a high level.

 #1: Work on Improving Your Flexibility/Mobility 

Having worked with hundreds of golfers over the years it is with 100% certainty I can say the golfers with the lower handicaps have more flexibility and mobility than those with less range of motion in all the places we need to have it. Where do you need mobility? As shown in the model below we need mobility at the following segments: The Big Toe (Not shown), Ankle, Hip, Thoracic Spine, Shoulder, Wrist. 

Tissue density or the tightness of our muscles is one of the biggest restricting factors we have when it comes to playing golf at a high level and the f irst step to improving flexibilty and mobiltiy is to improve the soft tissue quality of our muscles and fascia.  We start to do that by applying pressure or massage to the body using special tools designed for the job. 

I have been using massage tools like these made by Rad Roller since 2007. In 2018 I was one of the first ever to take and complete the RAD GOLF MOBILITY CERTIFICATION.

As well as the RAD MOBILITY 1 and MOBILITY 2 courses on-line and in person. 

My recommendation: 

  • Spend 10-20 minutes performing self-massage (SMR). This can be a few minutes in the morning and a few minutes to close out the day.
  • This will help to increase blood flow, improve muscle balance and posture, reduce boht physical and mental stress. 

Need a RAD MOBILITY Tool? Click the link below and get what you need. Not sure what you need? Ask me and I’ll guide you. 

Start With Your Feet

Most golfers are focused on their hands when they should really be focused on their feet.

Through the use of force pressure mapping experiments such as those done by BodiTrak Sports we know the feet have a far greater influence on the flight of the ball than the hands do.

Most people are going to have a lot of problems with that inner arch and towards the BIG TOE and we need that to be able to move in those segments for life, sport, and especially golf.

We are going to start from the feet and work from the ground up. We don’t want to roll the feet, but rather put pressure on various points and hold them until we get a release. Follow these guidelines from Dr. Emily Splichal, a NYC based podiatrist and human movement specialist. 

#2: Improve Mobiltity and Stability Simultaneously With Stick Mobility 

I purchased my Stick Mobility equipment and golf mobility course a full year ago. And it’s only because I have been stuck home this past week that I’m able to finally get into the course and put the tool into practice. 

The course was co-created and is co-taught by PGA Tour Pro Coach Ben Shear. I’ve been using the tool for a week now and believe it to be the most valuable tool I’ve ever used for improving mobility, stability and body awareness all at the same time. 

If you go back and look at the Mobility/Stability model above you will see that above and below every mobile segment is a stable segment. Having mobility and not being able to control that mobility in a standing functional positions and patterns is meaningless. By using StickMobility we can create tension into the ground and/or the stick (which is flexibile). This engages key stabilizers in the body and provides the nervous system with feedback as to where your body is in space. This is essential because to truly own our movements we need to be able to perform them in a standing dynamic patterns. I will be using this tool with all of my golf clients when we are allowed back into the gym. 

Using StickMobility Will: 

  • Allow you to get your body into positions you were not able to without the sticks.
  • Once you own those positions it will help you have a more consisten, efficient and effective golf swing.
  • Help you reduce the risk of injuries. 
  • Allow you to hit the ball further.


 #3: Work On Your Swing Mechanics

If you are stuck indoors the best tool I know of for practicing your swing is the Twitch Trainer.

“The Twitch Trainer and their progressive conditioning program, Twitch Movements, are specifically designed to reprogram a wavering rotational sequence. Awakening the athlete within. The result; a fluid, repeatable, powerful golf swing.”_ Ryan Steenberg (inventor of the Twitch Trainer)

Because the device is a soft fabric it’s very safe to use indoors and the instructional videos are free on their website and begin with improving function of key stabilizers on the ground, followed by a series of standing patterns that will improve and increase mobility in your T-spine and hips. The two most important mobile segments for golfers. 

Later into the program Ryan takes you through swing patterns that are similar if not the same as those used in the SuperSpeed Golf System. While the Twitch trainer is not an overspeed training system like SSG, by working on these patterns and swinging the device in both directions you will see improved coordination and increases in speed as a result. Give it a try. It’s a lot of fun and a perfect tool to use indoors. 

 #4: Add Speed To Your Swing

By far, the best system for adding speed to your swing is by using the SuperSpeed Golf System. Just before the virus broke worldwide I was able to attend a SuperSpeed Live workshop in NJ. In fact, I was the ONLY golf performance specialist on the east coast to attend. In the three weeks prior to the live event I completed my 3 levels of SSG certification.

If you can get outside you should be using this system and get your swing speed moving in the right direction. If you are interested in getting started and don’t know how, just ask me. I will get you full directions and tracking sheets to measure your progress. Don’t have a set of SuperSpeed Clubs yet. Order them now by clicking this link.

#5: Take An On-line Golf Lesson

My friend Steve Pietsch (the teaching pro over at Premier Indoor Golf) is offering online lessons via the skillestapp. The app is free to download and is really an amazing tool! So you can still have a professional golf coach do what coaches are supposed to doing. Watch you, advise you, guide you to get you to where you want to go-faster than if you were to go it alone. Email: STEPHEN@PREMIERINDOORGOLF.COM

#6: Work With Me From The Comfort Of Your Home

Hey guys, there’s still plenty we can do from home. My clients already have documents that lay out a series of exercises for flexibility, mobility and stability at their fingertips. I can also create custom workouts using my TPI Pro Site which will give you both a written and video version of the exercise. I can certainly create exercise programs that do not require equipment. Easy-peasy! You just have to ask. 

Need accountability and guidance? I’m here for you. We can arrange for a face-time or skype lesson which will only count as half an in-person lesson. 2 for 1, what’s better than that! 

Brett’s Bottom Line: 

I believe that self-care and movement is absolutely vital at a time like this. Our lives may be on pause, but our bodies don’t have to be! I know that being quarantined at home makes this a bit challenging and limiting. Which is why I am commited to offereing FREE resourcs to help you stay active and reduce both physical and mental stress.

We’ve got to help each other through this. Even though distance is keeping us apart, it’s distance that will keep us together and alive when we reach the other end of this.

After this is over I look forward to seeing you all once again. 

In the meantime STAY CONNECTED via text, phone or my social media platforms. 

I’m here to help. Let’s stay active while we’re stuck.