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It was the year 2007. I was attending a Functional Movement Screen certification course with Gray Cook in Boston, MA. In the back of the room was a Perform Better representative and on the display table was this thing, this stick, something I’d had never seen before. It was a Tiger’s Tail massage stick.

I had no idea what it was for or what to do with it, but I bought it anyway. And so it began, my fascination with the art and science of self-myofascial release.

Over the last 11 years, I’ve taught all my clients how to use a variety of tools for self-myofascial release to both prepare and recover from exercise, holding many of my own workshops along the way.

Now it’s time for me to learn. On Saturday, November 10th I will be participating in a four-hour Golf Specific Self-Myofascial Release course (SMR) with Nick Mueller.

Nick Mueller is the Director of RAD Golf Education and is a TPI Level 3 strength and conditioning coach as well as a fascial stretch therapist. Nick teaches the RAD Golf education course for trainers, coaches, golf pros, and anyone and everyone else looking to educate themselves on how to improve their game with easy-to-integrate mobility and recovery methods. Nick teaches these strategies all around the world and recently returned from teaching the same material in Beijing, China

Why I’m Taking This Course

Simply to learn what I don’t know. Just because I’ve been studying this methodology doesn’t mean I can’t learn something new.

“If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.”__Zig Ziglar

Going through the online tutorials I have already learned that some of what I have been told over the years is simply myth, not fact. I want my clients to have and use the latest tools, technology, and science available to improve their body and their game.

What Is SMR Good For? 

All of us that enjoy swinging the club are often prone to injury, whether from back pain, elbow tendonitis, repetitive use, and more. Many of us are also looking for easy-to-use tools and techniques that can help give us an edge on our game. A sound mobility, recovery, and injury prevention plan can help protect against these injuries and offer you the advantage you are seeking to remain on the green longer and drive the ball farther!

Self-Myofascial Release (SMR) is a common practice for warm-up and recovery. By learning when and how to perform specific techniques you can improve your club head speed and driving distance, hip and shoulder mobility, spinal rotation, and more!

 What We Will Be Learning​​

• Discuss the biomechanics of a golf swing and determine which movements are required in order to create the most efficient golf swing possible.

• This course draws on the latest research on SMR, mobility, recovery methods, neuroplasticity, and motor control training.

• Integrate a variety of RAD SMR techniques using the most anatomically-designed SMR tools on the market.

• Practice applying the RAD Trio to multiple case studies – an assessment that guides you to the precise locations of the body that present with a mobility impairment so you are not guessing.

• Don’t chase the pain and try to address symptoms; find the root cause.

• Apply release techniques from head to toe, as well as active mobility and stability drills that will make lasting changes to your game!

Would You Like To Join Me? 

The class is open to anyone who would like to learn more about the art & science of SMR, not just fitness professionals. If you would like to take the class just click the link below to register.

The class is being held on Saturday, November 10th, 2018 at Golf and country club, Golf & Body, NYC – 883 Avenues of the Americas, 3rd Floor,  New York, NY 10001

See you there. 

Brett The Golf Guy