Here’s the problem: 

You either forget to eat before you play or you’re eating the wrong ratio of foods and then hunger sneaks up on you and you eat anything you can get your hands on.

A great way to guarantee a good day out on the course is to start the day properly hydrated and fueled and plan ahead by packing some suitable snacks.

In order to play your best you need to be prepared, mentally and physically. There are certain things you have control over and other things you do not. If you’ve done the training in the gym, put in the practice time, and been properly fueled you can go out there and enjoy yourself! Leave the rest to the golf gods!

If you haven’t done all of the above then you’ll have a lot more on your mind than you need to. 

Pre-round nutrition is very important for your performance on the course to give you that long-lasting energy and focus. And that comes back to breakfast! Breakfast is the key. Whether you have tee-time at 8:00 a.m or at noon, remember-breakfast will have a great effect on either tee-times.

Blood Sugar Control.
Blood sugar control is key to your overall health as well as your performance on the golf course. It all starts with your blood sugar. Ultimately controlling your blood sugar will control your hormones, your mood, and your strength levels. So it’s really critical that we get this down because it will you perform better on the course, at work, and in the gym. So the first foundational principle for blood sugar control is to start your day with breakfast! You’ve got to eat breakfast first thing in the morning to stabilize your blood sugar levels.

When you wake up after a night’s sleep you’ve been deprived of water and food for 8 – 12 hours. So the first thing you need to do is drink that glass of water and then prepare your breakfast. Having a balanced breakfast can even help control blood sugar levels after lunch. It’s what’s known as the second meal phenomenon or the second meal effect. So what studies have shown is that if you eat breakfast vs. not eating breakfast, your blood sugar control is much better after lunch, no matter what you eat for lunch. So it’s really critical that you eat a proper breakfast in the morning so that your blood sugar levels are better even later in the day.

Would you take your car out of the garage for a 4-hour drive with an empty gas tank? 

So the question on your mind is, well, what should I eat for breakfast? So what it comes down to is this: The meal should contain sources of all three macronutrients; proteins-fats and carbohydrates. With an emphasis on protein intake. Not only does that help get the blood sugar stable but it will supply you with those all-important amino acids the brain and the body need to function optimally.

Experimenting with foods.

Some foods may not feel like they’ve been digested before you start swinging the club. So you’ll need to experiment a little here with different foods or different ways to prepare your foods so that you get the energy you need without intestinal discomfort on the course. Don’t be afraid to experiment. That goes for the timing as well. Some can eat just an hour before they play, while others may feel they need more time to digest and feel comfortable. 


Don’t wait until the day of a tournament to try something new! Find something that works for you and stick to it!

“Wait a minute Brett. I hear what you’re saying….But I don’t have time to prepare a full breakfast before my morning T-time.”

I’ve got you covered. I have some suggestions for you. They will be in next week’s blog. Stay tuned!

To Longer Drives, Lower Scores, and Fewer Injuries!