The right place to store golf clubs

The leading causes of rust in golf clubs are moisture and humidity. This is why it’s critical to keep them in a temperature-controlled and dry area. Frequent exposure to excessively hot or cold conditions can cause the adhesive on your clubheads and grips to deteriorate. Unfortunately, this often results in them coming off or twisting when you swing. In addition, too-cold temperatures can dry out the grips and cause them to break. This isn’t something a person trying to step up their golf game needs.

Therefore, the places where you shouldn’t store your golf clubs are a damp basement, garage, trunk of your car, backyard shed, or any place outside. All of these places might expose your golf clubs to unfavorable temperatures, humidity, and moisture, which could cause them to corrode.

Leaving your clubs in the trunk of your car is one of the worst locations to leave them because driving around might cause them to get damaged or scratched from movement. Not to mention the possibility of them getting stolen. Most vehicle insurance plans do not cover stolen personal possessions.

So, what is the best place to store golf clubs properly? You have two options here:

· Inside the house

· Climate-controlled storage unit

A closet, an empty corner in the room, or a completely dry and finished basement are all good places in a house for golf clubs. However, if you lack space in your home, we suggest turning to storage units. Fortunately, NYC is full of options, so it’s easy to find safe units in the area, no matter where you live. So, find a climate-controlled unit and your golf clubs will be safe and sound.

Clean the equipment before storing it

Golf clubs can get pretty dirty on the course. That’s why you’ll have one step to complete before adequately storing them, and that’s cleaning. Make sure to thoroughly clean your golf clubs before putting them in the storage unit. It’s crucial to clean the grips and shafts. In addition, don’t forget to clear the grooves of dirt and debris. If you’re having a hard time cleaning, we suggest buying golf towels to make the whole process easier and faster. This will improve their appearance, help them last longer, and perform to their full ability. Using a clean golf club can assist you in hitting the average stroke distance that you are supposed to achieve.

Golf clubs must be dry

We already mentioned that humidity and moisture are the worst enemies of golf clubs. That’s why it’s critical that you properly dry your clubs before storing them in your golf bag. Allow them to air-dry for a few minutes once you’ve wiped them down. Any moisture in the air might cause rust on your clubs. In addition, it can cause mold or mildew in your golf bag. So, if you want your golf clubs to be safe, always dry them before storing them!

Protect your golf gear properly

Even if you keep your golf clubs inside your home, they might get destroyed. That’s why it’s preferable to put them in your golf bag since most bags feature dividers to keep your clubs apart. Furthermore, protect the clubheads with coverings as an extra step if you don’t want them to cling together as you carry the bag. This is also a good idea if you store them in a closet that gets a lot of use.

Moreover, a waterproof cover for your golf bag is also something you should consider. This is a smart idea because the weather can change when on the course. When it comes to storage, you may utilize the cover to keep dust out of the bag and off your clubs.

Good organization is crucial

If you want to store golf clubs properly, you’ll have to be organized, and racks and hooks can help. Keeping your golf gear organized reduces the likelihood of damage and makes your space feel less crowded. Additionally, keeping your golf club bag on hooks or a storage rack looks nice and keeps your bag from falling over and causing dents and scratches to your clubs.

Moreover, storage racks are helpful because they provide space for other golf clothes and equipment, such as shoes and balls. It may also work if you have a shoe and coat organizer in your doorway.

Properly store golf clubs without a bag

If you don’t have a golf bag or don’t want to use one for storage, you have a few alternative options. You may either buy a standalone golf club rack or utilize a container. We suggest that you wrap the clubs in bubble wrap or towels to separate them while keeping them in a container to minimize damage.

To wrap it up

Since you know how valuable your golf gear is, you need to comprehend the importance of keeping them safe and sound at all times. That’s why we gave you advice on how to properly store golf clubs and make sure they won’t get damaged. Therefore, either find a dry and clean space in your home or rent a climate-controlled storage unit in your area.

by Emma Jones