Meet My New Coach: TPI Trainer, NYC


Meet My New Coach 
Many of you have heard me speak of Jason Glass
Jason has been one of the lead fitness instructors for the Titleist Performance Institute since 2010 and he and I met at the Level 1 Workshop in Philly in 2015.
Jason was also one of my instructors for Fitness Level 3 at TPI Headquarters in Oceanside last October along with Dr. Greg Rose and Lance Gill.
Jason is one of the world’s top golf and rotational sports strength and conditioning specialist. He trains both amateur and professional athletes in golf, hockey, football, and even snowboarding. Working with notable athletes such as:
  • Justin James
  • Andrew Putnam
  • Adam Hadwin
  • Team Canada Golf
  • Jennifer Ha
  • Derek Anderson
Just to name a few.
Why Did I Hire A Coach?
For many of the same reasons, you have hired me…
1) Every coach needs a coach.
2) He knows more than I do. I respect him, his knowledge, and his ability to communicate.
3) I will grow both physically and intellectually from the experience and it will help me become a better coach. 
4) Accountability to a program and a coach. 
5) The information and coaching I will receive will be filtered and passed along to you, my golfer. The only thing that can happen is that we get better together.
Jason will put together a 16-week training program for me which will take me to the end of the calendar year. In the sports periodization, we refer to a 16-week program as a mesocycle. A mesocycle represents a phase of training with a duration of 6 weeks to 16 or even 18 weeks, depending on the sporting discipline.
For each of the 8 marathons, I trained for I worked off of a 16-18-week mesocycle. A lot of physical transformation can take place in this time period if you put the work in.

A macrocycle is an annual plan that works towards peaking for the goal competition of the year.

A microcycle is typically a week. Each microcycle is planned based on where it is in the overall macrocycle. 

Brett’s Bottom Line: 

Hiring a qualified coach who can assess what my needs are and put together the appropriate plan to help me reach my goals will take my body and my coaching to The Next Level. And as venture on this journey, I’m going to bring you all up there with me. 
Let the journey begin…
Improving Non-Stop