Whenever I tell someone that I’m a Golf Fitness Instructor I am almost always asked: “Oh, you must be a good golfer?” or “Do you golf a lot?”  I think they ask those questions because they think I do what a golf pro does. I do not teach people how to golf, I help them move better, and feel better so that ultimately they have the potential to play golf better!

Titleist TPI in Dallas, Texas on May 13, 2014.

Since the late 1990’s the sport of golf has seen a seismic shift in how players at the highest level prepare and maintain their bodies for competition. Today’s players are more powerful, more athletic, and better equipped physically to perform at the highest level, while older players are extending their careers at incredibly high-performance levels. The bottom line is that better fitness, better biomechanics, and an overall improvement in health improve a player’s chances of playing their best golf at any level.

Out of the 30 top male golfers in the world, 22 of them use a Titleist Performance Institute-trained professional on their team!

25 of the top 35 Players in the World Are Advised by a TPI Certified Expert

Today’s professional golfers know and understand that they are playing a sport and to be and stay competitive and last in that sport they must treat themselves like an athlete. 

“To be a top-class athlete, you have to train hard, you have to eat right, you have to get enough rest. I feel the way golf is going nowadays, you have to treat yourself like an athlete.”__Rory McIlroy

If you want more power, more consistency, and lower handicaps you need to be doing the things that the best golfers in the sport are doing. That means spending time in the gym working on flexibility, stability, strength, and power. You cannot buy these physical abilities in the pro shop!

The golfers I work with come from a 1-dimensional environment. They are businessmen and women who spend up to 10 hours/day sitting and have been, for decades. All that sitting changes how the body moves. It’s virtually impossible to be an explosive rotational athlete if you’re spending most of your life in a chair!

The fact is the average amateur golfer is not physically capable of performing the required body movements that are involved in a mechanically correct golf swing. In other words, they have physical limitations that prevent them from playing their best golf!

You can spend of a lot of money on golf lessons but they will only take you as far as your body is physically capable of. So if you are experiencing common swing faults such as early extension, coming over-the-top, swaying, or sliding. It’s likely they are being caused by physical limitations. No amount of practice in the world can eliminate physical restrictions. Once you understand how the body affects the golf swing you realize that your golf swing problems aren’t due to poor swing skills but rather your body’s inability to move a certain way.  Improve movement efficiency, and you increase your potential to Play Golf Better!

 “Your golf game will either be limited or enhanced by how well you move.”_Brett The Golf Guy

Brett’s Bottom Line:

It’s impossible to be a consistent golfer when your own body gets in the way. Most amateur golfers have physical limitations that prevent them from playing their best golf. Eliminating those limitations, that’s what I do!

What I do is get the body in shape. We work on flexibility, mobility, stability, strength, and power so they can use it on the golf course.”~ Brett

“Golf instructors are great. They can change your swing. But they can’t change your body! The best way to get the most out of my significant investment in golf lessons is to have a body that can do more…and give my pro more to work with._Ken Davenport

 All the pros train with the best trainers in the industry. So should you! 

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