Real Golfers, Real Results


"I started working out with Brett about 1 year ago in the fall. In just the evaluation, Brett noticed my poor “golf posture” and said that was something we would work on. I then went on a golf trip that fall and focused on my posture and had a great trip and played really well. I worked with Brett throughout the winter and spring and then played the most consistent and best golf of my life, culminating with winning my club championship that fall. His workouts fixed sequencing issues in my swing that lessons didn’t".

David Shaw

“My longest drive used to be 240 yards with an average of 225. I’m now averaging 245 and have hit several 270 yarders and one 280! Gonna be a fun season.” Thanks Brett!"

Ken Davenport

"I am a high handicap golfer in my early 60’s who needed someone to help me learn to perform the requisite physical movements required to hit the golf ball further (and still stay on the fairway). I have had a number of trainers and golf instructors over the years; Brett is by far the best in helping me achieve my potential ."

Al Hurley

"At age 78 I wanted to reach my fitness limits so I could bring my golf game back to where it was 10 years ago. After 3 months of training I have already begun to shoot my age. I shot a 75, 77, and 78 twice. This has been my goal going back 2 years!”

Hank Cohen

"Like so many others, I took regular golf lessons but resisted the notion that I was out of shape. I have been working with Brett for 3 years and I now understand what I believe to be true for virtually every golfer over 50, namely that we are physically unable to produce the swing that our pros are teaching us."

Mark Cusick

"I am a board-certified dental specialist who had suffered occupational back pain and stiffness for over 15 years. Brett has show me how to stretch, strengthen, recognize and head-off pain before it emerges. In short, Brett has made me pain-free! I am thrilled to be his client."

Dr. Peter Babick

“Golf instructors are great. They can change your swing, but they can’t change your body! The best way to get the most of our my significant investment in lessons is to have a body that can do more and give my pro more to work with.”

Ken Davenport

“Brett has done a phenomenal job improving my “pliability”... that is the intersection of flexibility and mobility for my golf game. He provides not only in-person workouts but also designs custom workouts for each golfers needs from the TPI website.”

Jim Forbes

"Brett made a huge difference in my golf this year. I’m 68, 9 Hcp. More mobility, flexibility and distance. Can’t wait to continue."

Dr. Allen Fishman

"Brett has a vast knowledge of golf fitness, physiology, biomechanics , nutrition and ever expanding certification has lowered my handicap in half , prevented injuries and has facilitated competing and winning my club championship and two other medal play events,, As a physician I recommend him highly to anyone seeking a dedicated , highly trained knowledgeable personal trainer that wants to move better without pain and stay healthy."

Dr. Howard Zaiff