Most golfers now know that improving one’s fitness is an important component of improving one’s game. But many do not have a solid grasp of basic nutrition and supplementation concepts and how important they are to improving performance. 

When a golfer plays multiple days in a row that can lead to being sore and being sore can throw off a player’s swing and ultimately ruin his or her game.

Pre and Post Round Nutrition Has Many Benefits: 

  • Promotes recovery
  • Optimizes hormonal response to exercise
  • Minimizes post-exercise muscle soreness
  • Enhances the repair of connective tissue

Post-Round Nutrition

The same basic principles apply to Post-Round nutrition as Pre-Round nutrition with one exception. Post-Round is the optimal time to add some carbs in the form of starches to your meal. Extended periods of exercise deplete the body of glycogen (blood sugar).. so you want to replace those as fast as possible after your training or play. The window of opportunity is about 30 minutes. And this is when the body is ready for some higher glycemic index carbohydrates. So we’re talking about things like white rice, white potatoes, fruit, etc. would be appropriate for this time. Don’t forget the protein! The more nutrients we can get into the muscle(in the form of carbs and amino acids) will help replenish the muscle tissue and prevent muscle soreness, which will allow the play to return to play or practice the next day and get the most out of it.

The Hormonal Aspect

Exercise is stress and your body produces the hormone cortisol as a stress response. When you eat a meal containing carbs and proteins (replacing the glycogen-which will help prevent muscle soreness) you lower those cortisol levels faster, giving it the best chance of recovery.

Brett’s Bottom Line:

Nutrition, pre-round, during, and post-round will play a huge role in how well you recover from play day-to-day. Start off your day with a good breakfast. Hydrate and snack on the course every 3 – 4 holes and be sure to replenish and refuel with a post-round meal that combines all three macronutrients (protein, fat, and carbohydrates. To benefit optimally from your post-round meal try to consume it within 30 to :60 minutes after the round. This is when the cells are most receptive to replenishment. 

“Adding Distance To Drives And Years To Lives”