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Most amateur golfers around the world are men over 40. The need for greater flexibility is the number one request I get from a prospect who’s looking for help playing golf better.

“I found your site through an online search for Golf Fitness Instructor. I’m interested in your initial fitness evaluations and instructions. I’m truly seeking more flexibility and strength in my golf swing. Thanks in advance for your help. And, looking forward to hearing from you.– Walston

Men over 40 are starting to feel the effects of aging and have many more physical limitations than their younger counterparts. One of them is the loss of flexibility (tissue elasticity) which directly affects the mobility of joints.

There are many factors that contribute to the loss of flexibility and mobility: (ischemia, injury, poor posture, dehydration, poor nutrition, illness, inflammation, improper breathing patterns, arthritis, muscle soreness) and more.

This article isn’t going to address how to fix all of those issues, but it will emphasize the importance of regular stretching as part of the solution.

Ball Flight The flight and destination of the golf ball is dependent on the following five factors:

1. Clubface alignment

2. Swing path

3. The angle of attack at impact

4. Sweetspot

5. Clubhead speed

Not having adequate flexibility and mobility will affect all of the above five factors.

Who Needs Stretching? Almost everybody can benefit from stretching. If you’re naturally tight and want to participate in a sport or leisure activity that requires more flexibility than you currently have, becoming more flexible will help you avoid injury. Loss of Flexibility & MobilityAccording to Dr. Greg Rose of the Titleist Performance Institute says that flexibility training should account for 10% of your program for every decade of life. So if you’re 60, 60% of your training time should be focused on flexibility training. That’s because as we age muscle and tendon elasticity decreases.

Three Steps To Improving Tissue Flexibility and Joint Mobility

1) First: Use a form of soft-tissue rolling to break down adhesions and flush the area with blood flow.

2) Second: Perform isolated stretches that target the problem area specifically.

3) Third: Perform a dynamic stretching routine that stretches multiple muscles in multiple planes of motion. Dynamic stretches are performed rapidly and repeatedly to help improve overall flexibility and mobility.

Advice From A Legend

The legendary golfer, Gary Player who is now 87 and still shooting 70 was one of the first professional golfers to embrace fitness. In fact, he admits to being a “fitness fanatic.” Here’s some advice he offered recently in an interview with a popular golf magazine.

“Those who hit the ball longer have strong hips and core and are flexible. The best example I can think of is comparing myself to Jack Nicklaus. For years he outdrove me by 20 to 30 yards. But as we’ve grown older, my strong legs and core, as well as my flexibility, allow me to outdrive him today. Flexibility is the key ingredient. So that’s my advice: Stretch, stretch and stretch again.” __Gary Player

The old adage ‘if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it” definitely applies to fitness and golf.

That’s why Golfers Need to Stretch, Stretch and Stretch again! Feeling Tight? Not able to get into the positions you would like to – to play golf the way you want to? I CAN HELP!

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