The 2018 World Golf Fitness Summit – Golf Trainer, NYC


It’s hard to believe it’s nearly here. The 2018 World Golf Fitness Summit!
On Thursday, October 11th I will be flying out to Orlando to meet up with my TPI family at my second WGFS. It’s already been two years since I attended my first in New Orleans.

What Is The World Golf Fitness Summit

The summit offers an opportunity to learn from 50 of the foremost leaders in golf and sports performance.
Speakers will cover the topic of Yards and Years from all angles. The 2018 Summit speakers will include PGA TOUR swing coaches, renowned strength and conditioning coaches, and the industry’s best health & medical practitioners who are working with the world’s best athletes every day.

At the 2018 World Golf Fitness Summit not only will there be experts in golf to tell us how to hit the ball farther and play longer but there will also be experts from other sports including baseball, tennis, and basketball, so we will get insights on some tools and tricks that athletes of other sports are using and that we can steal and use them to help you play golf better.
One of the featured speakers at this year’s event is my Fitness Level 3 colleague and World Long Drive Champion Justin James will be sharing the “secret” to longer drives, and what he did to take his ball speed from 180 mph to 220 mph.


According to Justin, There isn’t a “secret” of speed, there’s a science of speed.” 

Brett’s Bottom Line: 
When it comes down to brass tacks it’s all about the science of building better athletes and then transferring that into the golf ball. The better the athlete the more potential that person has to play golf better!
Adding Distance To Drives and Years To Lives