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The Core_What is It Good For? 
Whenever I get an inquiry from a golfer that wants to start training they tell me the same two things: 
1) I need more flexibility
2) I need more core strength
And they’re always right! But what is the core and what is it good for? What role does it have in golf and everyday function?
  • Your core muscles are the ones that can protect your body against the most common golf injuries (like back pain).
  • The core is responsible for producing power, stabilization, and the transference of energy.
  • The core helps provide better balance throughout your swing.
  • The core is activated in hitting long drives off the tee.
*Remember, a strong core has nothing to do with low body fat! The abdominal definition is a result of diet, NOT core work!
 **Here’s a secret. If you want to see more of your core eat less carbs. The more abdominal fat you have, the less carbs you should be eating.

I began to study “the core” many many years ago with one of the legends of the fitness industryPaul Chek.

I know Paul since the year 2000 and coincidentally we are the same age. Yes, that is the core of a 56-year-old man!

I studied Paul’s Scientific Core Training course as part of my Exercise Coach certification back in 2004That’s a long time ago, and although anatomy hasn’t changed, some of what was done as standard practice industry-wide has. The purpose of taking this course back in 2004 was to know and understand the true function of the core and how to train it safely and properly.

Nevertheless, in order to progress as an industry, we need to stay up to date on the tried-and-true, in-the-trenches information from coaches that get results. And not just results from years ago, but from people that are still getting results today!

That’s why I just purchased Complete Core by Coach Mike Boyle. Coach Boyle is on the TPI advisory board and over the past 35+ years, Mike Boyle has coached thousands of athletes, from middle school novices to World Champions.

Besides some of his regular fitness clients, he has been the Strength Coach with the Boston Bruins, BU Hockey (1995 & 2009 Champs), US Women’s Ice Hockey Team (Silver Medal), Team USA Women’s Soccer (Golf Medal), and he just received his World Series Ring from when he as the Strength Coach of the World Series Boston Red Sox.
The course he just came out with covers one of the most misunderstood topics in our industry….Core Training. His goal was to clear up the confusion and provide coaches like me with the perfect core training program that will fit their needs.
I’m confident that this program will help take the guesswork out of the core work in training sessions as well as serve as a framework to get better results for all of my clients.
To a strong core!

Brett The Golf Guy

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