This Decision Can Change The Course Of Your Season, GOLF GYM, NYC


What is the decision, you may ask… the decision to meet me in the gym and start training for the 2020 golf season right now! 

Yes, I know it’s winter, but spring and the 2020 golf season is closer than you think. And once the grass turns green you’ll be looking to get out on the greens with the same body you took into the 2019 season  (just 365 days older)!
Where Do You Start? 

You start by knowing your needs. If you want to improve how you play you probably need to improve how you move. But what exactly do you need to improve upon? What are your needs? By needs, I mean what is it that your body can or cannot do as it relates to a mechanically correct golf swing. We learn what your needs are through the TPI Level 1 Screen. The screen measures; flexibilitymobilitystability, balance, and your ability to disassociate as it relates to the golf swing. The screen becomes a very good predictor of swing characteristics as well as current or past injuries. Check out TPI co-founder Dave Phillips performing 5 of the golf-fitness screens on Andy Proudman of Me and My Golf.

Don’t Get Left Behind!
“Hey Brett, my name is Larry. My friend Bob and I play golf together and I just saw him destroy some balls. I need a golf trainer. Call me. Many thanks.”__I received this email from Larry on April 3rd, 2019
I’m going to let you in on a secret. Bob had only been training since November 2018. Within four months he was able to change the way he moved so he could change the way he played. Which was very clear to Larry who hadn’t seen him drive a ball since the previous season. 
Does The Training Work?  
“My longest drive used to be 240 yards with an average of 225. I’m averaging 245 now and have hit several 270-yarders and one 280! Gonna be a fun season.”  Thanks Brett!__Ken Davenport, NYC
“At age 78 I wanted to reach my fitness limits so I could bring my golf game back to where it was 10 years ago. After 3 months of training, I have already begun to shoot my age. I shot 75, 77, and 78 twice. This has been my goal going back 2 years!”__H. Cohen, NYC/Palm Beach Fla.

“The reason I play at such a high level and hopefully will continue to play at such a high level for the next 10, 15 years, is because of the work I did in the gym.”__Rory McIlroy

What If You Don’t

If you don’t start now you’ll be months behind. A lot of physical changes can take place in 3 – 4 months. Just anyone (like myself) that’s trained for a marathon or 2 or 8…. A typical marathon training program is 16 weeks long. A lot changes in 16 weeks!
If you don’t start now ….you can wait until the season starts (like Larry did) and watch your friends destroy golf balls!
As a golf performance specialist, I have helping golfers just like you, improve how they move since 2002. And that has led them to:

Longer Drives, Lower Scores, and Fewer Injuries

It’s not just a tagline, it’s my mission. I believe
everybody deserves to feel better, move more freely
and play golf to their genetic potential.

Success Leaves Clues

I have had a great experience working with NY Golf Fitness Guru for over a year. His commitment to his workout programs and training, his in-depth expertise in golf fitness, his vast knowledge in physiology, biomechanics, and nutrition, and his ever-expanding certifications have lowered my handicap in half, prevented injuries and facilitated competing and winning my club championship, and two other medal play events.”__Dr. Howard Zaiff__September 15, 2019

Look, you’ve been a desk jockey for decades and decades. Of course, your body doesn’t work well!

Rather than taking a random approach to exercise and trying to figure it out on your own, take the fast track by taking advantage of 18 years of experience in the golf fitness industry.

Don’t waste another season being disappointed with your game. 

Brett’s Bottom Line:  

It doesn’t matter what sport you play you need an off-season. Maybe you already train in the gym. If you do – I applaud you for taking the time to get it done, but do you know exactly what it is you need to be working on to improve how you move?  What are you training for (appearance or performance)? Are you training movements or muscles? Do you know all the elements that are necessary for your success? 

The right game plan will take you from where you are to where you want to be when the season begins. 

 I’m going to be very upfront with you. If you feel like you aren’t playing the way you think you’re capable of? If you’re tired of watching your buddies outdrive you on the course – then you need to do something. If you want to play golf better in 2020 than you did in 2019 then you need to prepare for the 2020 golf season now!  

The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is now. 

It’s Time To Improve Your Game___Let’s Get Started

Call (917) 596-8485 or just leave me an email down below and tell me you want to Play Golf Better!  

I  am looking forward to working with you in the coming season.   ​