This Will Scratch Your Golf Itch! TPI Trainer, NYC


Dear Golfers,

I hope you’re staying active and sane during the mandatory COVID-19 shutdown. 
We don’t know how long this will last, but as long as it does I don’t want your to lose all the progress you gained during the winter.
As you do your best to scratch the golf itch during the mandatory shutdown I want to be here for you.

 This is a great time to keep up with your daily practice of myofascial releasestretchingstability, and strength training.

 All are amazing for immune health, and physical, mental, and emotional stability.
No Equipment? No Problem!
There are tons of exercises we can do to help you improve your movement capabilities with little or no equipment! 

Until we can reopen our doors, I’m focused on serving you online.

Setting up a FACETIME training session is an awesome way to keep moving forward with your training. I have already started this for clients in the last few days with great success.

Stay moving-Stay motivated-Stay healthy-Stay accountable-Stay committed-Stay sane! 

I Want You To Be Ready!  
As the song from the Broadway Show Annie so aptly says: “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow”. Some day this will end. 
 Anyone that would like to set up virtual training sessions please contact me by responding to this newsletter directly or Text or call (917) 596-8485 and we can set up your time/s to keep moving forward.
Until then… 

Stay inside, stay safe, and stay well!

Brett The Golf Guy