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I get it! 2020 has been weird and complicated, to say the least! 

First, it was COVID-19. Then the George Floyd protests and looting that followed. NYC, what was considered one of the safest big cities in America, became a battleground, seemingly overnight.

Don’t Let Your Health And Fitness Take A Holiday

Gyms in NYC have been closed down in NYC since the onset of the pandemic. The last day I was in a gym was on Friday, March 13th. (yes, Friday the 13th). In case you didn’t know, the gym I use for clients that don’t have a gym in their residential building is Velocity Sports Performance located at 133 E. 58th St. on the 6th Floor.

On August 17th, NYS Governor Cuomo made an announcement that gyms would be allowed to reopen on August 24th, but at only 33% capacity.

But wait, there’s more….later that same day New York City Mayor, Bill de Blasio said…

“Based on the reality in New York City, we won’t start before Sept. 2,” he said. “The priority, especially given the proximity to Sept. 2 to Sept. 10, priority is going to be on the inspections we need to do for child care centers and schools. We are going to work through how to balance that.”__de Blasio 

Are You Not Entertained? 

While our local politicians battle it out, don’t put your health and fitness on holiday! 

As I stated in an article I wrote back in March, the healthier you are the less likely you will become infected with something that can make you sick. Your health is your job. You can’t outsource it to anyone else. While there are certain precautions we can and should be taken to avoid contracting the Coronavirus or any virus for that matter, the best way is to stay as healthy as possible.

Remote Training Program

While gyms remain closed, and even after they are open training from home is your best option. It’s safe, it’s healthy and it’s efficient. Several of my most dedicated clients have been training from the safety and comfort of their homes since April. One of them won his club championship in the senior division and another won his club championship in the partners’ division.

You are either getting stronger or you’re getting weaker. We never stay the same! 

“Brett is a great golf fitness coach and has made a positive impact on my game. Through improved flexibility, core strength, and proper sequences, my golf game has made quantum leaps.Most importantly, during this timeof Shelter-in-Place, having Brett available for coaching via FaceTime is invaluable.”__Tom H., NYC

I Have A Question For You…

How are you doing right now? Be honest. Have you been taking care of yourself in the last 5 months or have you lost your mojo? If you have I understand. Having someplace to go and someone who holds you accountable is a big reason clients come to me in the first place rather than simply watching a Youtube video.

Brett’s Bottom Line: 

As we continue to cope and deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, I understand the mental and physical toll it has on New Yorkers. Hey, I’m one of them myself and I’ve been in isolation from my clients and the world since 3/13/20! However, all of us want to stay safe while getting fit and healthy at the time. That’s what makes remote training your best choice. You can train from anywhere, be safe, and still get the results you want.

Who Is This For?

If you’re one of those golfers that feels like you are struggling with your flexibility, mobility, and core strength then this program is for you. Maybe you know you need to get stronger but you’re not really sure how golfers should do that without it getting in the way of their swing. I can help!

“Brett is an incredible fitness instructor specializing in golf and the needs that golfers have to improve their game and body.I have worked with him for a year and have experienced some of the following-Increased drives by 20 yards-Decreased back pain (which was a major problem for me)-Completely changed my thought process on preparing and recovering my body for playing golf-Answered my questions about what I should be spending my time on to get better and prepared a specialized routine and long-term program. Brett is beyond professional and knows what he’s doing.There is zero doubt he will improve his student’s golf abilities – the only thing that is required is some effort and time.” ___ David W. Cleveland, OH 

Is Online Training Any Good?

Online training is really the same as gym training but at a distance.

  • Coaching: unlike watching your favorite trainer do their own workout on Instagram or Facebook live, with online training you are working with a coach with real “face-to-face” communication while training. No cookie-cutter workouts can lead to injury and generally fail to get desired results.
  • Training technique: with a coach, you are working with someone who has specific knowledge of you, your goals, needs, and injuries you may have and they can tell you when you’re doing exercises correctly or incorrectly.
  • Custom Program Design: with a coach, you’ll get 100% customized programming based on your goals, needs abilities, and the equipment you have access to.
  • Accountability & Support: With a coach, you’ll have a personal connection with a real human being (not a screen) that actually cares about you, your goals, your stress level, and how you are doing!
  • Nutrition & Recovery: Training with a coach online you’ll get tailored guidance to your needs and struggles, without all the generalization and stuff.
What’s Next?
This is how we can work together if you want more help. Simply call me at (917) 596-8485 or email me: to schedule your complimentary: 45-minute strategy session. We will go over what your needs are and see if we are a fit for each other.
  Ready? Let’s do this.

P.S. and Very Important 

As of the writing of this article, 8-23-20, I have not heard from the owners of Velocity Sports Performance as to if or when they will reopen. As mentioned earlier in this article, the governor stated they can open on 8-24-20 and should not be mandated closed any later than 9-2-20. Reality check. I don’t know if that location will ever open again. I hope so! So if you want Longer Drives, Lower Scores & Fewer Injuries. Don’t delay, start today.