Would You Like Some Speed With That Swing? TPI Trainer, NYC


Who doesn’t want more speed? It’s simple physics. The faster an object moves through the air the further it goes. And when it comes to golf, the biggest money earners on tour are the longest hitters in the game. 
(Longer Drives = Lower Scores)

If you’ve watched the tour players over the last 3 – 4 years you’ve seen these! They are SuperSpeed Clubs

These days they are practically standard issue on the tour. You’d be hard-pressed NOT to see a professional golfer use them. Why? Because they work.
Here are just a few you may have heard of:
Probably most notable of that group is Mickelson. Now 49, Phil should be entering the twilight of his PGA Tour career. But despite his age, he has seen a massive spike in club head speed. 
Here are his averages:
  • 2016: 115.41 mph
  • 2017: 114.24 mph
  • 2018: 116.48 mph
Pretty respectable for a man nearly 50! 
According to Kyle Shay from SuperSpeed Golf, Mickelson started using their product sometime around May 2017.
(Me with Kyle Shay of SuperSpeed Golf, May 2016) 
You And SuperSpeed Golf 
As a golf performance specialist, my main objective is to help my golfers get more out of their bodies so they can get more out of their game. And using the SuperSpeed training system is guaranteed to take your game to the next level.
So when I found out that SSG was going to be putting on a one-day SuperSpeed Live Workshop right here in New Jersey I just had to be there. 
The Workshop
The all-day workshop is this Sunday, March 8th and we will be covering the following material: 
  • Speed in the modern game of golf
  • What affects speed and power in the golf swing
  • Overspeed training in action
  • Mechanics and the Speed Pyramid
  • The Speed Screen
  • Applying Speed and Power to the Golf Ball
  • Physical Correctives Based on your Speed Screen
Admission to the workshop included access to the SuperSpeed Three Tier On-line certification program which I am happy to announce I have just successfully concluded.
Each tier took no less than 10-12 hours of computer time. The courses are deep and cover much more than how many times you should swing the clubs in each direction.

Concepts included are: 

  • What is Overspeed Training 
  • Rotational Inertia
  • Set configuration and fitting
  • Warm-up protocol
  • Non-Dominant Side training
  • The Speed Pyramid
  • Ground Force Mechanics
  • Rotational Sequencing
  • Lag
  • Vertical Force
  • Lateral Force
  • Front To Back Force
  • Center of Mass
  • Center of Pressure
  • Pressure Transfer
  • Advanced Training Protocols 
  • and so on…..

Let’s Get You Started…
I’m excited to be able to offer anyone who wants to participate in a Speed program all the knowledge and tools they will need to succeedAvailable are:
  • Complete training instructions
  • Record keeping sheets
  • Training protocol outlines
  • Progression graphs
  • Growth Velocity charts
  • Note: There are 5 levels of training protocols that take you from week 1 through week 49 and beyond
  • If you want to start training just respond to this newsletter and say, “Brett, I’m in!”

Host A Speed Clinic

Interested in having a one-day speed clinic at your club? Introduce me to the head pro and let’s make SPEED happen. 
Brett The Golf Guy