Would You Like To Become Your Club Champion? TPI Trainer, NYC


If you’re an amateur golfer, what’s better than winning your club championship? Aaaaaa NOTHING! And that’s just what my client of 2 years, Dr. Howard Zaiff just did.
Howard started his golf fitness journey in March of 2018. His goal was to become club champion at his home club Manhattan Woods, in Westchester, NY.
When he began he was struggling with power and consistency (sound familiar).

Last year Howard came in second place. Not bad right?  

Well, he just sent me this photo this morning.
He won!
Doc (that’s what I call him, will be 65 in August and still has one of the best swings you’ve ever seen), with speeds around 115 mph!
Brett’s Bottom Line:
Now, this doesn’t come easy guys. There’s work involved. But if you are dedicated and guided you can achieve amazing things. Can I guarantee a club championship? Well no. But I can promise  Longer Drives, Lower Scores, Fewer Injuries, and the possibility of a Brass Trophy next season.

Don’t delay, get started on your program today.
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As a result of the  COVID crisis continues, all training is done online via Facetime. I see you, you see me. Your results will remain the same as you stay safe. See what one of my clients said about his experience.
“Brett is a great golf fitness coach and has made a positive impact on my game. Through improved flexibility, core strength, and proper sequences, my golf game has made quantum leaps. Most importantly, during this time of Shelter-in-Place, having Brett available for coaching via FaceTime is invaluable.”__Tom Hurlbrink